Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29



South Florida at Central Florida
The Bulls take their 1-2 road record to Central Florida tonight to face a Knights' team that is 5-0 ATS in its last 5 home games against a team with a losing road record. Central Florida is the pick (-27) according to Dunkel, which has the Knights favored by 32. Dunkel Pick: Central Florida (-27)

Game 313-314: Iowa at Nebraska (12:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Iowa 93.561; Nebraska 93.704
Dunkel Line: Even; 56
Vegas Line: Nebraska by 3; No Total
Dunkel Pick: Iowa (+3); N/A

Game 315-316: Toledo at Akron (12:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Toledo 89.792; Akron 71.628
Dunkel Line: Toledo by 28; 51
Vegas Line: Toledo by 7 1/2; 55 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Toledo (-7 1/2); Under

Game 317-318: Miami (OH) at Ball State (1:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Miami (OH) 55.188; Ball State 87.065
Dunkel Line: Ball State by 32; 59
Vegas Line: Ball State by 35; 55 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Miami (OH) (+35); Over

Game 319-320: Eastern Michigan at Central Michigan (2:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Eastern Michigan 53.245; Central Michigan 76.760
Dunkel Line: Central Michigan by 23 1/2; 52
Vegas Line: Central Michigan by 18 1/2; 58
Dunkel Pick: Central Michigan (-18 1/2); Under

Game 321-322: Massachusetts at Ohio (2:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Massachusetts 59.592; Ohio 63.372
Dunkel Line: Ohio by 4; 58
Vegas Line: Ohio by 17; 51
Dunkel Pick: Massachusetts (+17); Over

Game 323-324: East Carolina at Marshall (12:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: East Carolina 90.163; Marshall 96.402
Dunkel Line: Marshall by 6; 60
Vegas Line: Marshall by 2 1/2; 64 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Marshall (-2 1/2); Under

Game 325-326: Bowling Green at Buffalo (1:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Bowling Green 87.518; Buffalo 92.738
Dunkel Line: Buffalo by 5; 56
Vegas Line: Bowling Green by 2; 51
Dunkel Pick: Buffalo (+2); Over

Game 327-328: Arkansas at LSU (2:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Arkansas 78.447; LSU 111.656
Dunkel Line: LSU by 33; 49
Vegas Line: LSU by 24 1/2; 54 1/2
Dunkel Pick: LSU (-24 1/2); Under

Game 329-330: Texas State at Troy (2:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Texas State 72.087; Troy 73.441
Dunkel Line: Troy by 1 1/2; 63
Vegas Line: Troy by 7; 58 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Texas State (+7); Over

Game 331-332: Florida International at Florida Atlantic (3:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Florida International 54.956; Florida Atlantic 80.104
Dunkel Line: Florida Atlantic by 25; 48
Vegas Line: Florida Atlantic by 28; 42
Dunkel Pick: Florida International (+28); Over

Game 333-334: South Florida at Central Florida (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: South Florida 71.453; Central Florida 103.208
Dunkel Line: Central Florida by 32; 44
Vegas Line: Central Florida by 27; 49 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Central Florida (-27); Under

Game 335-336: Fresno State at San Jose State (3:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Fresno State 97.335; San Jose State 74.557
Dunkel Line: Fresno State by 23; 67
Vegas Line: Fresno State by 7; 72 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Fresno State (-7); Under

Game 337-338: Miami (FL) at Pittsburgh (3:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Miami (FL) 84.791; Pittsburgh 92.553
Dunkel Line: Pittsburgh by 8; 62
Vegas Line: Miami (FL) by 3; 56
Dunkel Pick: Pittsburgh (+3); Over

Game 339-340: Washington State at Washington (3:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Washington State 85.492; Washington 109.515
Dunkel Line: Washington by 24; 50
Vegas Line: Washington by 14; No Total
Dunkel Pick: Washington (-14); N/A

Game 341-342: SMU at Houston (12:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: SMU 82.762; Houston 89.423
Dunkel Line: Houston by 6 1/2; 77
Vegas Line: Houston by 10 1/2; No Total
Dunkel Pick: SMU (+10 1/2); N/A

Game 343-344: Oregon State at Oregon (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Oregon State 95.110; Oregon 106.505
Dunkel Line: Oregon by 11 1/2; 73
Vegas Line: Oregon by 22; 68 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Oregon State (+22); Over

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29



Duke vs. Arizona
The Wildcats play Duke tonight and look to build on their 5-0 ATS record in their last 5 games versus ACC opponents. Arizona is the pick (-2 1/2) according to Dunkel, which has the Wildcats favored by 5. Dunkel Pick: Arizona (-2 1/2)

Game 527-528: AR-Little Rock at Oklahoma (3:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: AR-Little Rock 49.106; Oklahoma 64.417
Dunkel Line: Oklahoma by 15 1/2
Vegas Line: Oklahoma by 17
Dunkel Pick: AR-Little Rock (+17)

Game 529-530: Northeastern at VCU (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Northeastern 51.423; VCU 74.380
Dunkel Line: VCU by 23
Vegas Line: VCU by 13 1/2
Dunkel Pick: VCU (-13 1/2)
Game 531-532: Southern Mississippi at Louisville (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Southern Mississippi 61.856; Louisville 73.644
Dunkel Line: Louisville by 12
Vegas Line: Louisville by 14 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Southern Mississippi (+14 1/2)

Game 533-534: Cornell at Western Michigan (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Cornell 38.286; Western Michigan 58.967
Dunkel Line: Western Michigan by 20 1/2
Vegas Line: Western Michigan by 15
Dunkel Pick: Western Michigan (-15)

Game 535-536: Florida State at Florida (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Florida State 61.179; Florida 75.177
Dunkel Line: Florida by 14
Vegas Line: Florida by 7 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Florida (-7 1/2)

Game 537-538: TX-San Antonio at Texas Tech (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: TX-San Antonio 46.360; Texas Tech 58.531
Dunkel Line: Texas Tech by 12
Vegas Line: Texas Tech by 17 1/2
Dunkel Pick: TX-San Antonio (+17 1/2)

Game 539-540: TX-Arlington at Texas (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: TX-Arlington 48.033; Texas 67.266
Dunkel Line: Texas by 19
Vegas Line: Texas by 15 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Texas (-15 1/2)

Game 557-558: Pacific vs. Oregon (3:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Pacific 56.502; Oregon 71.240
Dunkel Line: Oregon by 14 1/2
Vegas Line: Oregon by 12 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Oregon (-12 1/2)

Game 559-560: Cal Poly vs. North Dakota (5:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Cal Poly 50.866; North Dakota 55.169
Dunkel Line: North Dakota by 4 1/2
Vegas Line: North Dakota by 3
Dunkel Pick: North Dakota (-3)

Game 561-562: Northern Kentucky vs. SE Missouri State (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Northern Kentucky 50.168; SE Missouri State 50.840
Dunkel Line: SE Missouri State by 1
Vegas Line: SE Missouri State by 8
Dunkel Pick: Northern Kentucky (+8)

Game 585-586: TCU vs. Tulsa (9:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: TCU 51.279; Tulsa 52.449
Dunkel Line: Tulsa by 1
Vegas Line: Tulsa by 6
Dunkel Pick: TCU (+6)

Game 589-590: Drexel vs. Alabama (3:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Drexel 59.377; Alabama 65.441
Dunkel Line: Alabama by 6
Vegas Line: Alabama by 3
Dunkel Pick: Alabama (-3)

Game 591-592: Duke vs. Arizona (6:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Duke 71.625; Arizona 76.553
Dunkel Line: Arizona by 5
Vegas Line: Arizona by 2 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Arizona (-2 1/2)

Game 593-594: Mississippi vs. Georgia Tech (4:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Mississippi 67.176; Georgia Tech 59.286
Dunkel Line: Mississippi by 8
Vegas Line: Mississippi by 1
Dunkel Pick: Mississippi (-1)

Game 595-596: Penn State vs. St. John's (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Penn State 58.546; St. John's 62.573
Dunkel Line: St. John's by 4
Vegas Line: St. John's by 1 1/2
Dunkel Pick: St. John's (-1 1/2)

Game 597-598: The Citadel vs. Towson (5:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: The Citadel 40.159; Towson 55.193
Dunkel Line: Towson by 15
Vegas Line: Towson by 17 1/2
Dunkel Pick: The Citadel (+17 1/2)

Game 601-602: Virginia vs. SMU (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Virginia 68.107; SMU 57.645
Dunkel Line: Virginia by 10 1/2
Vegas Line: Virginia by 6 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Virginia (-6 1/2)

Game 603-604: Missouri State vs. Texas A&M (10:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Missouri State 53.584; Texas A&M 60.496
Dunkel Line: Texas A&M by 7
Vegas Line: Texas A&M by 5
Dunkel Pick: Texas A&M (-5)

Game 605-606: Northern Arizona vs. CS-Bakersfield (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Northern Arizona 45.007; CS-Bakersfield 52.466
Dunkel Line: CS-Bakersfield by 7 1/2
Vegas Line: CS-Bakersfield by 3 1/2
Dunkel Pick: CS-Bakersfield (-3 1/2)

Game 607-608: Drake vs. Fresno State (10:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Drake 59.928; Fresno State 59.833
Dunkel Line: Even
Vegas Line: Fresno State by 4 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Drake (+4 1/2)

Game 609-610: Rider vs. Rice (9:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Rider 53.129; Rice 44.334
Dunkel Line: Rider by 9
Vegas Line: Rider by 5
Dunkel Pick: Rider (-5)

Game 613-614: Vermont vs. San Francisco (9:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Vermont 50.152; San Francisco 53.646
Dunkel Line: San Francisco by 3 1/2
Vegas Line: San Francisco by 1
Dunkel Pick: San Francisco (-1)

Game 617-618: Fairfield at Providence (12:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Fairfield 46.250; Providence 69.031
Dunkel Line: Providence by 19
Vegas Line: Providence by 16 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Providence (-16 1/2)

Game 619-620: Appalachian State at Georgia (5:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Appalachian State 49.491; Georgia 59.509
Dunkel Line: Georgia by 10
Vegas Line: Georgia by 12
Dunkel Pick: Appalachian State (+12)

Game 621-622: IPFW at Illinois (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: IPFW 53.366; Illinois 71.275
Dunkel Line: Illinois by 18
Vegas Line: Illinois by 15
Dunkel Pick: Illinois (-15)

Game 623-624: Portland State at Boise State (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Portland State 47.693; Boise State 67.895
Dunkel Line: Boise State by 20
Vegas Line: Boise State by 22 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Portland State (+22 1/2)

Game 631-632: Mt. St. Mary's at Michigan State (1:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Mt. St. Mary's 43.658; Michigan State 75.756
Dunkel Line: Michigan State by 32
Vegas Line: Michigan State by 26
Dunkel Pick: Michigan State (-26)

Game 633-634: Coppin State at Michigan (3:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Coppin State 49.515; Michigan 68.779
Dunkel Line: Michigan by 19
Vegas Line: Michigan by 21 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Coppin State (+21 1/2)

Game 635-636: North Florida at Ohio State (5:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: North Florida 50.922; Ohio State 71.587
Dunkel Line: Ohio State by 20 1/2
Vegas Line: Ohio State by 23 1/2
Dunkel Pick: North Florida (+23 1/2)

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29



San Antonio at Orlando
The Magic host a San Antonio team that is coming off a 92-86 loss to OKC on Wednesday and has a 7-1 ATS record in its last 8 games following a SU defeat. San Antonio is the pick (-8 1/2) according to Dunkel, which has the Spurs favored by 13 1/2. Dunkel Pick: San Antonio (-8 1/2)

Game 501-502: Milwaukee at Charlotte (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Milwaukee 111.014; Charlotte 113.222
Dunkel Line & Total: Charlotte by 2; 177
Vegas Line & Total: Charlotte by 5 1/2; 182
Dunkel Pick: Milwaukee (+5 1/2); Under

Game 503-504: San Antonio at Orlando (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: San Antonio 129.391; Orlando 116.003
Dunkel Line & Total: San Antonio by 13 1/2; 201
Vegas Line & Total: San Antonio by 8 1/2; 196 1/2
Dunkel Pick: San Antonio (-8 1/2); Over

Game 505-506: Miami at Toronto (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Miami 128.218; Toronto 120.608
Dunkel Line & Total: Miami by 7 1/2; 192
Vegas Line & Total: Miami by 5 1/2; 196 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Miami (-5 1/2); Under

Game 507-508: Dallas at Atlanta (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Dallas 117.938; Atlanta 122.530
Dunkel Line & Total: Atlanta by 4 1/2; 207
Vegas Line & Total: Dallas by 1; 202
Dunkel Pick: Atlanta (+1); Over

Game 509-510: Cleveland at Boston (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Cleveland 109.373; Boston 120.246
Dunkel Line & Total: Boston by 11; 192
Vegas Line & Total: Boston by 3 1/2; 188
Dunkel Pick: Boston (-3 1/2); Over

Game 511-512: LA Lakers at Detroit (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: LA Lakers 118.658; Detroit 116.409
Dunkel Line & Total: LA Lakers by 2 1/2; 198
Vegas Line & Total: Detroit by 5 1/2; 202
Dunkel Pick: LA Lakers (+5 1/2); Under

Game 513-514: Brooklyn at Houston (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Brooklyn 112.392; Houston 128.447
Dunkel Line & Total: Houston by 16; 216
Vegas Line & Total: No Line
Dunkel Pick: N/A

Game 515-516: Golden State at Oklahoma City (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Golden State 117.182; Oklahoma City 129.628
Dunkel Line & Total: Oklahoma City by 12 1/2; 199
Vegas Line & Total: Oklahoma City by 7; 203 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Oklahoma City (-7); Under

Game 517-518: Washington at Indiana (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Washington 116.685; Indiana 124.107
Dunkel Line & Total: Indiana by 7 1/2; 192
Vegas Line & Total: Indiana by 10 1/2; 187
Dunkel Pick: Washington (+10 1/2); Over

Game 519-520: New Orleans at Philadelphia (8:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: New Orleans 114.777; Philadelphia 115.245
Dunkel Line & Total: Even; 182
Vegas Line & Total: No Line
Dunkel Pick: N/A

Game 521-522: New York at Denver (9:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: New York 111.448; Denver 125.994
Dunkel Line & Total: Denver by 14 1/2; 211
Vegas Line & Total: Denver by 9; 202
Dunkel Pick: Denver (-9); Over

Game 523-524: Phoenix at Utah (9:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Phoenix 118.400; Utah 115.050
Dunkel Line & Total: Phoenix by 3 1/2; 194
Vegas Line & Total: No Line
Dunkel Pick: N/A

Game 525-526: LA Clippers at Sacramento (10:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: LA Clippers 123.040; Sacramento 118.723
Dunkel Line & Total: LA Clippers by 4 1/2; 192
Vegas Line & Total: No Line
Dunkel Pick: N/A


St. Louis at San Jose
The Blues look to build on their 5-0 record in their last 5 games at San Jose. St. Louis is the pick (+110) according to Dunkel, which has the Blues favored by 1. Dunkel Pick: St. Louis (+110)

Game 51-52: Winnipeg at Philadelphia (11:30 a.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Winnipeg 12.358; Philadelphia 11.203
Dunkel Line & Total: Winnipeg by 1; 4
Vegas Line & Total: Philadelphia (-150); 5
Dunkel Pick: Winnipeg (+130); Under

Game 53-54: NY Rangers at Boston (1:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: NY Rangers 10.503; Boston 11.981
Dunkel Line & Total: Boston by 1 1/2; 6
Vegas Line & Total: Boston (-145); 5
Dunkel Pick: Boston (-145); Over

Game 55-56: Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay (4:00 a.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Pittsburgh 13.152; Tampa Bay 11.669
Dunkel Line & Total: Pittsburgh by 1 1/2; 6 1/2
Vegas Line & Total: Pittsburgh (-130); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Pittsburgh (-130); Over

Game 57-58: Detroit at NY Islanders (4:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Detroit 11.368; NY Islanders 10.206
Dunkel Line & Total: Detroit by 1; 4
Vegas Line & Total: NY Islanders (-110); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Detroit (-110); Under

Game 59-60: Calgary at Anaheim (4:00 a.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Calgary 10.815; Anaheim 12.493
Dunkel Line & Total: Anaheim by 1 1/2; 5
Vegas Line & Total: Anaheim (-200); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Anaheim (-200); Under

Game 61-62: St. Louis at San Jose (4:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: St. Louis 13.212; San Jose 12.144
Dunkel Line & Total: St. Louis by 1; 6
Vegas Line & Total: San Jose (-130); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: St. Louis (+110); Over

Game 63-64: Montreal at Washington (5:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Montreal 12.099; Washington 10.160
Dunkel Line & Total: Montreal by 2; 6
Vegas Line & Total: Washington (-120); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Montreal (+100); Over

Game 65-66: Colorado at Minnesota (6:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Colorado 10.809; Minnesota 12.228
Dunkel Line & Total: Minnesota by 1 1/2; 4
Vegas Line & Total: Minnesota (-120); 5
Dunkel Pick: Minnesota (-120); Under

Game 67-68: Edmonton at Columbus (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Edmonton 19.945; Columbus 11.593
Dunkel Line & Total: Columbus by 1 1/2; 5
Vegas Line & Total: Columbus (-140); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Columbus (-140); Under

Game 69-70: New Jersey at Carolina (7:00 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: New Jersey 11.317; Carolina 10.290
Dunkel Line & Total: New Jersey by 1; 6
Vegas Line & Total: Carolina (-135); 5
Dunkel Pick: New Jersey (+115); Over

Game 71-72: Toronto at Buffalo (7:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Toronto 9.901; Buffalo 10.757
Dunkel Line & Total: Buffalo by 1; 4
Vegas Line & Total: Toronto (-150); 5
Dunkel Pick: Buffalo (+130); Under

Game 73-74: Chicago at Dallas (8:30 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Chicago 13.149; Dallas 11.736
Dunkel Line & Total: Chicago by 1 1/2; 6
Vegas Line & Total: Chicago (-140); 5 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Chicago (-140); Over

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Marc Lawrence

Toledo at Akron
Play: Akron

The Rockets had their thrusters ripped apart and scattered across the Exosphere in an ugly 18-point home loss to Northern Illinois last week, destroying their chance at winning the MAC West division title. But we?re not going against the visitors because they choked last week. It?s their fragile psyche, and a wobbly defense that?s allowed 1167 yards the last two games, which has us looking the Rubbermakers? way here. No, Akron could never be mistaken for a conference powerhouse: the Zips are just 2-8 ATS in their last 10 home games and their disturbing 1-12-1 ATS mark in MAC tilts off a win is certainly cause for major concern. However, the Zips are 4-7 after three straight 1-11 finishes, enough of an improvement that 2nd-year HC Terry Bowden was recently awarded a 2-year contract extension through 2018. His team looks to be competitive lately, winning two straight games outright while going 4-0 In The Stats the last four outings. Bowden also owns a 5-3 ATS log as a conference dog off back-to-back wins and should have his team sky-high for Senior day and the season finale. And then there?s this beauty from the mean-machine: greater than .250 college football dogs of 3 or more points in their Last Home Game of the season, playing off win with rest and revenge, are 32-6 ATS since 1980. Zip it, Toledo? Akron gets the cash today. We recommend a 1-unit play on Akron.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Sam Martin

Iowa at Nebraska
Prediction: Iowa

Nobody has taken advantage of a down Big Ten Conference more than Nebraska, who enters the final week of the regular season with an 8-3 record but without any signature wins on the season. Their best win came against a free-falling Michigan team a few weeks back, and they avoided two of the top three teams in the conference in Ohio State and Wisconsin (lost by 13 against Michigan State).

We don't put Iowa in that top-tier of Big Ten teams, however they have been a solid team this season and their three Big Ten defeats did come against those "big three". They have stayed unbeaten against everyone else in the Big Ten and we think they can pull the upset here. Nebraska isn't particularly good at stopping the run and was hurt on the ground in all three of their losses this season. Iowa has a very physical rushing attack that can weak down the Cornhuskers, and their play-action passing game which usually has tight ends being freed up can work against this defense. Nebraska's defense gets worn down as this game goes on and Iowa steals it late!

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Freddy Wills

East Carolina vs. Marshall    
Play: East Carolina +3

Now onto the C- USA match up which was the CUSA GOY before the year started and it still is. In fact this is probably the game of the day. Both teams are battling for the CUSA East title and have a ton of similarities. For instance Marshall is 1st in offense and 3rd in defense, East Carolina is 2nd in both
We actually have a sneaky good QB duel and that's while I'll be sitting in front of the TV as both Shane Carden and Rakeem Cato have lit up the score boards with 32TD's a piece.

Carden has proven again he can beat ACC defenses. the Pirates have had a much more chalelnging schedule with VTech, UNC, and NC State beating 2 of the 3 while Marshall played Vtech and cupcakes.

I think East Carolina's ability to stop the run is going to be the difference. They are 9th in the country and are allowing only 2.55 ypc on the road. They also are 21st in getting to the QB with a 7.36% sack percentage. With big games like this with a lot on the line with two similar teams it almost always comes down to turnovers. East Carolina is +5 better in the TO margin than Marshall who has turned it over 20x this year. I believe East Carolina will be better in red zone defense which will give them the win.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Rob Vinciletti

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Charlotte Bobcats    
Play: Milwaukee Bucks +5½

Milwaukee has stunk it up so far this season. However this is a good spot for them as they have home blowout loss revenge from a 96-72 thrashing to Charlotte just last week. Milwaukee has won 13 of 17 vs teams who average 91 or less points. For our system we note that home favorites with rest that are off a home dog loss at +5 or more, like Charlotte is are 1-10 to the spread if they lost to the spread and scored 90 or less points. The Bobcats are not fans of Friday as they have lost 30 of the last 35 times. Charlotte is 1-10 straight up at home when the total is 180 to 185 and they have failed to cover 30 of the last 43 times vs teams who allow 99 or more points per game. We will take the points with the Bucks.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Rickie Robbins

Toledo vs. Akron    
Play: Toledo -7

The Akron Zips host the Toledo Rockets in the regular season finale for both squads.

Toledo's bid to upend Northern Illinois and capture the MAC West crown went by the wayside in the last 30 minutes of a 35-17 decision. The Rockets led 17-14 in the third but that was short lived with Northern Illinois ripping off a 28-7 second half run to win going away. It was simply too much offense from Jordan Lynch who ran and thre the Huskies to a 566-421 edge in total yards. The Rockets ran for 184 yards but Doug Fluellen was held to 54 yards on 15 touches with Kareem Hunt doing most of the damage with 91 yards on 19 carries. Terrance Owens had an up and down night through the air with a 17-29 performance resulting in 235 yards with two score and a pair of interceptions.

Akron is suffering through another losing season but for a team not accustomed to winning their 4-7 record is an improvement. The defense has improved the most but the scoring still needs a boost with the team see averaging less then 20 points. The defense saved the day in a 14-13 victory over Massachusetts with the Zips producing 341 yards but losing three fumbles which took points off the scoreboard. Jawon Chisholm paced the rushing attack with a ten carry, 72 yard performance with Conor Hundley adding 57 yards on eleven attempts. The passing of Kyle Pohl didn't light up the Minutemen secondary but it was efficient with 208 yards on 20-33 with a touchdown. UMass was held to 323 yards and had two passes picked off and mustered 17 first downs leading the Zips consecutive victories.

I'm sure Toledo wants to head in to a Bowl with a win and they have the offense to put up points here.

Miami (OH) vs. Ball State    
Play: Ball State -34

The Miami (Ohio) Redhawks end the season with a visit to the Ball State Cardinals.

The numbers tell the story for Miami (Ohio) with the offense mustering just over nine points per contest which is reason number one for the goose egg in the win column. Miami (Ohio) battled Buffalo to a stand still for 15 minutes before the Bulls exploded for 28 points in the second on the way to a 44-7 decision. UB rolled up over 500 yards with the Redhawks checking in with 200 yards with a pair of lost fumbles and a pick making matters worse. The ground attack totaled 135 yards and averaged four yards with Robert Williams III running for a team high 48 yards on just three carries. Austin Gearing became the focus of moving the chains through the air but he struggled to go 5-19 for 65 yards and a pick.

Ball State saw their chance to win the MAC West go by the wayside in 48-27 defeat at Northern Illinois. This game was far closer then the final score indicates with the game tied 27-27 in the third before the Huskies rattled off 21 points in the final six minutes including a pick six. NIU won the real estate battle 569-494 with Ball State leaning on the pass a little more then the run. The Cardinals were able to do some damage with the run Jahwan Edwards who totaled 156 yards on 29 carries. Keith Wenning kept his team competitive by completing 35-49 for 324 yards with a touchdown and a pick six in the final minute with Willie Snead the receiver of choice with 12 catches for 121 yards. The bottom line is the Huskies came up with big plays at the right time on both sides of the ball.

Ball State might not be winning the MAC West but a ten win season is there for the taking. Big line however the Cardinals can cover this easily.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Red Dog Sports

Miami (Fla) vs. Pittsburgh    
Play: Pittsburgh +3

Take Pitt plus the points as the Panthers were able to defeat Notre Dame at home. This will be the last home game for the seniors of Pittsburgh and they will face warm weather Miami in the cold. Miami has struggled in recent weeks. They did beat UVA but were outgained by over 100 yards. Pitt's QB Tom Savage is decent and has experience. Look for Pitt to win a close one.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Brandon Shively

Bowling Green vs. Buffalo    
Play: Buffalo +2

Both of these teams have turned in great season, but today's matchup favors Buffalo. The winner of this game will get to play Northern Illinois in the MAC Championship. This is a revenge game from last year in a game that Bowling Green won 21-7. This game is being played at Ralph Wilson Stadium which is the home for the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo has now won the 'ITS' 8 straight games which tells me that they are fully capable of winning this game. While Bowling Green sports a top notch defense, they have a weakness and that is their run defense. That is where Buffalo has a distinct advantage as the Bulls are averaging 186 rushing yards per game where Bowling Green is allowing 145 yards per game on the ground at 4.4 yards per carry. This is a Buffalo team that returns 17 starters from last year's team and they will be more than ready to get the victory in this double revenge game. Senior running back Branden Oliver is healthy this year and his 14 touchdowns lead the team along with star receiver Alex Neutz who is a game changer and at 6'3", he has a big advantage over the smaller cornerbacks of Bowling Green. Buffalo is also the healthier team coming into this game and they have had 10 days to prepare for this game, whereas Bowling Green has had only 6 days. Bowling Green is thin at the wide receiver spot right now and I this is crucial for this game. They are also without 1st Team MAC Linebacker Gabe Martin who led the team in tackles last year. He was the quarterback of the team and I expect the Buffalo running game to excel even more with Martin's absence. Bowling Green also has 2 cornerbacks that are listed as questionable for this game. If they do play, I have to question their effectiveness. With Buffalo's top 2 receivers being 6'3" and 6'2", I look for the height to play to their advantage as well. There is a lot on the line in this game , but given the fact that Buffalo is the healthier team and that they have had extra time to get prepared, I look for them to control the clock with the running game , which in turn will open up plays down the field for Alex Neutz and Fred Lee.

Head to Head Trends:
The UNDERDOG is 7-1 ATS the last 8 meetings.
Play on : Buffalo Bulls

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Doug Upstone

Fresno State vs. San Jose State    
Play: Fresno State -7

On Black Friday, Play On road favorites like Fresno State after going over the total by more than 28 points in their previous game, with a winning record on the season, playing a losing team like San Jose State. When a team has the ability to score this many points coupled with the fact their opponent is not strong enough to have a wining record, they are 23-4 ATS, 85.2%, winning by over 21 points a game.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Jim Feist

Iowa at Nebraska
Pick: Under

Your free play for Friday, November 29th, 2013 comes in Big 10 football action as Iowa and Nebraska battle. Both teams are run-oriented, which chews up the close, and Iowa has one of the best defenses in the nation, 13th in points allowed. They prefer to run with their sophomore QB, who threw 3 picks in last week's 24-21 win over Michigan. The under is 11-4 in the Hawkeyes last 15 vs. a team with a winning record and 34-15-2 under the total in their last 51 road games. Nebraska lost senior QB Taylor Martinez and they've been forced to rotate two QBs since with weak results. This is a run-first team on a 5-2 run under the total. Last year Nebraska beat Iowa 13-7 in a game that sailed under the total and this one will, as well, in the Nebraska cold. Play Iowa/Nebraska under the total.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Bruce Marshall

Pacific vs Oregon
Pick: Pacific

WCC sources report to keep an eye on better-than-advertised UOP, which appears to be making a seamless transition from vet HC Bob Thomason to longtime assistant Ron Verlin. Tigers have won and covered their first four (vs. decent opposition) running the same Thomason offense that creates mismatches and isolation plays for versatile scoring threats such as G Sama Taku (16.3 ppg) and 6-8 F Tony Gill (14.3 ppg & 46% triples), who like all Tigers can float to the perimeter and shoot the three. No knocks on Dana Altman;’s Oregon side that is quickly making room for transfers G Joseph Young (ex-Houston; 23 ppg) and F Mike Moser (ex-UNLV; 15 ppg), but savvy Tigers (made Big Dance last March) can make big points work at Matt Arena.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Bryan Power

Iowa vs. Nebraska
Pick: Iowa

Though they beat Michigan 24-21 last week, that does not even begin to tell the full story as the Hawkeyes outgained the Wolverines 407-158 and the game would not have even been close had it not been for a -3 turnover differential.  One of those turnovers was directly converted into a touchdown for Michigan (INT return) early.  From there, it was almost all Iowa as they totally dominated in the trenches.  They scored the game's final 17 points and shut Michigan out in the second half.

At 7-4, Iowa's record looks fairly pedestrian, but consider the four teams they've lost to - Northern Illinois, Ohio State, Michigan State and Wisconsin - have only three combined losses, and one of them is because Ohio State and Wisconsin played one another.  This week's opponent, Nebraska, is not in that same class.  This week could prove to be HC Bo Pelini's swan song in Lincoln and as sacrilegious as it may sound the Cornhusker faithful may not mind a loss here if it rids them of Pelini once and for all.  A loss is not what Iowa wants however, as they are 0-4 SU all-time vs. Nebraska, including 0-2 as Big 10 opponents.  The road team will be the more motivated side and is the better team to boot.  Three-fifths of the Cornhuskers starting offensive line is out for this game.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29


Pittsburgh Panthers +2.5

The Miami Hurrincanes got out to a 7-0 start to the season before running into the Florida State buzz saw in a 41-14 loss. Looking back at the Hurricanes first seven wins they are not very impressive. Florida Atlantic, Florida, Savannah State, South Florida, Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Wake Forest. The most impressive win was against then #12 Florida in week 2, but we've all come to find out at 4-7 the Gators are no where near a top twenty team. The Canes knocked off Virginia last week to end a three game losing streak that included the FSU loss and losses to Virginia Tech and Duke. Miami has been outgained in four out of their last five games, including a 179 yard deficit in their win over Virginia last week. Being outgained is a stat that I always look at when evaluating if a team should be laying points or not and this is one of those cases where I believe the Canes should NOT be laying points. Pittsburgh will be seeking their seventh win of the season and still have a chance to finish third in the conference. The Panthers already own a resume building win over Notre Dame at home this season and knocking off Miami will help them secure a better bowl birth. The kickoff temperature in Pittsburgh for this game is going to be around 33 degrees and Miami has struggled in cold weather games usually looking like they want no part of being on the field. Take the points.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Carlos Salazar

Oregon St vs. Oregon
Play: Over 68.5

Look for lots of scoring in this game on Friday night as Oregon gets their offense back on track. Oregon St. will put up plenty of points too as the Oregon defense has been struggling of late giving up 89 points in the last three games. This one goes over the total with ease.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Chase Diamond

Iowa vs Nebraska
Play: Iowa +2.5

This game features the 7-4 Iowa at the 8-3 Nebraska. Iowa is 4-0 in their last 4 road games. In Iowas 4 loses the combined record of their opponents is 42-3. The public money is all over Nebraska here even saying that the line has dropped from a key number 3 to 2 in most spots. If possible buy up to +3 but I believe Iowa wins outrite here take them for a 500* play here today.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Dave Cokin

Iowa vs Nebraska
Play: Iowa +2.5

Today’s game between Iowa and Nebraska is one where I’m putting far more emphasis on recent results rather than the overall 2013 body of work. Even so, it’s in some ways kind of an oddball conclusion that I’ve reached, but one I still feel good about.

I’m pretty impressed with what Iowa has done lately. I especially like the way they’re dominating in the trenches, with the proof being the massive rushing differential recently. It’s an indication to me that this team is getting stronger as the season winds down, and that has to be a big factor in any decision.

Nebraska is not sending me many buy signals, and I sure wasn’t impressed with them squeezing out the OT win at Penn State last week. Fact is, the Cornhuskers are somewhat battered and that is likely to be a problem today against a much fresher and more physical Iowa squad.

I think the motivational edge also favors the road team. This is a budding rivalry in the Big 10, and the first two meetings have gone Nebraska’s way. From what I can gather, Iowa really wants to reverse that trend and gain possession of the Heroes Game Trophy.

A real key today could be turnovers. Nebraska is having real problems in this area, having been on the minus side of the ledger in each of its last six games. Finally, I’ll take Kirk Ferentz over Bo Pelini anytime. Whenever a game projects close, coaching becomes a more important variable and in this instance, I’ll side with the Hawkeyes.

I’m not going to suggest that this is a clean categorical sweep for Iowa. In fact, based on the full season log, one could argue Nebraska is the better team. But I believe more recent form is of more importance, and that’s where Iowa takes control. I expect Iowa to win this game, and I’ll certainly be happy to grab the available points with the Hawkeyes.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Mid-Major Matt

IPFW vs Illinois
Pick: IPFW +15

The Mastodons are 6-2 on the season as they take on Illinois in Champaign on Friday. This is a team who lost by one at Dayton and have played eight games already. This is a team with six players who put up eight points or more with two of those coming off the bench so they can come at you with depth. The Fighting Illini are 6-0 and are coming off a win at UNLV by two points. The Illini have a road game with Georgia Tech coming up so pardon them if their focus isn't 100% for a game like this. Rayvonte Rice leads the way with 17.2 points per game while Joseph Bertrand and Tracy Abrams add more then 10 points per contest. IPFW has covered 16 of their last 29 road lined games. Illinois has failed to cover as a home favorite of 12.5 or more points in nine of their last 13 games. I think IPFW keeps this close.

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Re: Free Picks: Service Plays for Friday, November 29

Hollywood Sports

Toledo at Akron
Play: Akron

Akron (4-7) is an improving team in the second year season under head coach Terry Bowden. The Zips have won two straight games -- as well as three of their last four contests -- after their 14-13 win at UMass as a 6.5-point favorite. Akron has covered the point spread in 5 of their last 7 games after a point spread loss. This is a team that plays close games six of their contests have been decided by seven points or less which makes the touchdown they are getting for this contest very valuable. Toledo (7-4) must still be hungover from losing their crucial game with Northern Illinois last Wednesday by a 35-17 score that cost them an opportunity to play in the MAC Championship Game. The Rockets have been very fortunate with the bouncing ball as they are averaging a +0.8 net turnover margin per game which is 20th in the nation. Toledo has failed to cover the point spread in 7 of their last 8 games coming after a bye week. And while the Zips are 2-3 at home, the Rockets have failed to cover the point spread in 8 of their last 10 road games against teams with a losing record at home. Take the points with Akron.

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