NFL Week 10 Key Matchups for Bettors

NFL Week 10: These Are The Games Your Bookies Are Going To Watch

NFL Week 10 is here. For online bookies, NFL betting for Week 10 poses somewhat of a dilemma. Here are some games your bookies will be watching in week 10 in the NFL.

The NFL teams on a bye are: 

  • Philadelphia,
  • Kansas City
  • Oakland

Philadelphia is the best team in the NFL. Automatically utilizing their layoff accounts on all Philly games has become the norm.

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NFL Week 10:  Games Bookies Will Watch

The four games below figure to take the place of NFL betting on Kansas City, Oakland, Baltimore, and Philly.

Pittsburgh Steelers +10 at Indianapolis Colts -10

63% of football handicappers are willing to lay the 10 points on the Steelers versus the Indianapolis Colts.

That’s a huge percentage of bettors willing to automatically give an NFL team 10 points.

Here’s the thing from the bookmakers point-of-view:  the Colts are 3 and 1 ATS in 4 home games this season. The Steelers are 1 and 5 ATS in their last 6 games after a bye.

Bookmakers are hoping that as many bettors as possible wager on Pittsburgh to cover a 10-point spread.

They know that Pittsburgh’s up against it versus the Colts at a 10-point spread.

New York Jets -2.5 at Tampa Bay +2.5

The Jets are, amazingly, a road favorite versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The reason is because Tampa QB Jameis Winston has been declared a non-starter for this game.

Winston’s absence has caused 65% of NFL bettors to jump all over the Jets.

That’s music to the ears of pay per head agents. For starters, Tampa backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is a decent QB. He’s got starter experience.

He’s also healthy, which means that Tampa’s passing attack could be better with Fitzpatrick starting ahead of Winston.

Then, there’s the fact that the Jets allow 355.3 total yards, and over 23 points per game.

Tampa’s lost 5 games in a row straight up. The Buccaneers have gone 0-4-1 against the spread in those 5 games.

Most bookies are going to welcome wagers on the Jets at -2.5. The QB change might be what Tampa needs to get back on the winning track.

Cincinnati +4.5 at Tennessee -4.5

64% of bettors back Tennessee to cover a -4.5 spread versus the Cincinnati Bengals.

There are a couple of reasons why online bookies believe Tennessee is a good team in Week 10 to allow action to ride.

First, Tennessee’s defense isn’t that great versus the pass. Bengals’ QB Andy Dalton and WR A.J. Green could dominate Tennessee’s secondary.

Second, the Titans have rode a 2 game winning streak by beating Indianapolis and Cleveland.

Cincinnati is a better team. Per head agents are going to watch this game because they won’t use their layoff accounts if most of the money is on Tennessee.

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