Super Bowl 52 Key Prop Bets

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Super Bowl 52 takes place this Sunday on Feb. 4. Online bookie agents are not only promoting against the spread and over/under total wagers on Super Bowl 52, they’re also promoting various prop wagers.

Check why bookies love to promote non-sports related Super Bowl prop wagers.

Super Bowl 52 Promoted Prop Wagers

By their very nature, Super Bowl prop bets are difficult to hit. Any sports bettor that claims he or she has no trouble hitting Super Bowl prop bets doesn’t understand what they’re talking about.

Prop bets, in all sports, are hard to hit.

That’s why pay per head agents love to promote prop wagers. When it comes to the Super Bowl, a plethora of non-sports prop wagers can lead to bookie riches.

Check out an example of why bookmakers promote non-sports related Super Bowl prop bets:

Coin Toss

Heads              -115

Tails                -115

Some bookmakers prefer to offer -105 odds. Many offer -115 odds, though. The reason is because at -115, sports bettors pay a 5% premium above the usual 10% just so they can wager on a 50%-50% proposition.

In the long run, the bookie always makes a profit on the Super Bowl coin toss. The profit, the 15% vig, is baked into the wager.

Which Team Will Win the Coin Toss

Philadelphia Eagles                -115

New England Patriots             +115

Just like the coin toss,  betting on who will win the coin toss can lead to as much bookmaking profit in the long run as bets on the coin toss itself.

 Why? From the bookmaker’s point-of-view, who will win the coin toss is no different than whether heads or tails comes up on the coin toss. 

Both are 50%-50% propositions.

National Anthem Propositions

Just looking at two specific National Anthem propositions, sports bettors get a sense of why pay per head agents promote non-sports related Super Bowl props.

Pink, an Eagles’ fan, sings this year’s National Anthem.

How Long Will the National Anthem Last?

Over 2 minutes                        -150

Under 2 minutes                      +110

Nobody know how long Pink is going to sing the National Anthem. She might take 1 minute and 40 seconds so that she can take the next 20 seconds discussing how great the Eagles are.

This fun prop is likely to lead to losses.

There’s also a fun prop about what color hair Pink shows up with. Red or pink is at +160. The reason fun is italicized is because the people having the real fun when bettors wager on non-sports related Super Bowl props are online bookie agents.

It’s impossible not to make money as a bookie when players bet on non-sports related propositions. That’s why most bookies are promoting non-sports related propositions to their players.

All agents must do is set max betting limits. They’re bound to come out on top.  

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Start cashing in on these Super Bowl prop bets, and start learning how to make real cash by becoming an online bookie agent.

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