Fury vs. Whyte How Will it Go Down?

Fury vs Whyte: How’s will it go down?

Saturday 23rd April is the date. The next Tyson Fury fight is happening and we couldn’t be more excited!

Fury will step into the ring opposite formidable opponent Dillian Whyte at 10pm (UK time) for what could well be a thrilling bout.

So how are things expected to go down? Well, experts predict a Fury win, although we're sure that fans of Whyte might have a thing or two to say about that! Whyte will no doubt put up a fight, and it could turn out to be quite the spectacle.

You already know this is going to be a big topic for sports betting. So, if you’re based in Michigan, why not put some money on the table? We’ll give you some hints and tips as to what to bet on throughout this article as we discuss the possible outcomes of this enthralling event.

A walk in the park for Tyson?

Some pundits and bookies are naming Tyson Fury as the walkaway winner of this bout before it’s even begun. He’s currently at odds of 1/6 to win compared to the much smaller 4/1 being offered against Whyte.

It’s probably not worth putting a lot of money on Whyte. Like the bookies are saying, the chances of him winning this fight are pretty slim. But that doesn’t mean he won’t go down without fighting. Dillian Whyte will absolutely believe he has a chance of winning this.

The British 33-year-old has a career record of 28 wins and just 2 losses in his 30 professional fights. In 2021, however, he fought just once, avenging his previous loss against Povetkin. In fact, he’s only fought three times over the past three years, so the lack of recent ring experience could play into the hands of Fury.

That being said, Fury hasn’t had that much boxing action either. Although, the fact that he is undefeated in his 32 professional bouts says quite a lot about just how good this guy is. Everyone seems to agree that a Whyte victory would be a serious upset.

Which round will it end in?

Another popular subject for bettors is which round the fight will end in by KO, or if it will be decided on points. We doubt whether it will go the full distance, given the record that these two sluggers both have and their aggressive boxing style.

In fact, the lowest odds are for the fight to end in Round 9 with a Fury knockout happening there at 11/1. We’re not sure if it will go for that long and will probably be more likely to take up the odds of 14/1 for Round 5.

On the flip side of that argument is the fact that Fury’s boxing has matured over the years, and as he's gotten older, he seems to know how to go the distance if he has to. While he’s never lost a fight before, he’s come quite close after starting out a bit too aggressively and letting his guard down ‒ something which has drawn some criticism in the past.

Nowadays, Fury plays a slightly longer game. If it were a tougher opponent, a points decision would not be off the cards but we think that for this particular battle, it’s highly unlikely to go that far.

Final thoughts on Fury vs Whyte

Sadly, it looks like Tyson Fury could retire after this fight, if what he says is to be believed. It’s hard to know how seriously to take such comments, because Fury is well-known for saying things he doesn’t actually mean. But if it is true, this is going to be a monumental occasion and Whyte will be proud to share the ring with this fantastic fighter for the last time in his professional career.

It’s all the more reason to tune in to what could be a spectacular battle. While it might look a little one-sided from the outside, we’re confident it won’t look that way in the ring. Dillian Whyte cannot be ruled out altogether. He is a seriously talented boxer! Otherwise, this fight wouldn’t have been arranged in the first place.

All-in-all, a Fury win is likely, which would bring his total undefeated record up to an impressive 33 fights. It will probably be a medium-duration fight that will end in a knockout. But then again, who knows? All we know for certain is that it’s going to be exciting. Don’t miss this one, boxing fans!

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