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LAS VEGAS, NV (The Spread) – What’s the best approach when betting on baseball? Here are some strategies when handicapping America’s pastime.

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Baseball is a long season (162 games) and there will be many different trends that come-and-go as well as a lot of teams that get hot and then go cold. When handicapping baseball, one key is not to get too stuck on using just one strategy, as the season is constantly changing and I feel it is best to use a full arsenal of handicapping techniques when finding winners.

One thing that is apparent this season is that there has been great paraity. We have even seen the Houston Astros get hot and go on a nice winning streak. There is not a clear cut favorite to win any division currently and I make note of this because the underdog is a very valuable option when handicapping baseball. I think if you can narrow your plays on a daily basis to only underdogs, then you have just increased your chances of making profits considerably.

Next, when finding these underdogs, I think it's best to first look at the pitching matchups. This goes for the starting pitchers and the bullpen. If you can find an underdog that has a starting pitcher that has a decent career record versus the opposing team or is in great form for the month, then I advise to dig a bit deeper. Look how this underdog team is hitting the ball over the Last 7 days or how they hit the ball at home/road. If they are facing a lefty, then see how they hit the ball vs. southpaws. All of this needs to be accounted for when betting on baseball.

Also, let's try to find an underdog that is not on a losing streak. Sometimes, this is hard to do, but be patient and disciplined and you will find winners with great value. I also advise looking at the daily injury report and starting lineups. Key players are given the day off for rest quite often and this can also play a factor in your decision.

There is a lot of in-depth handicapping and research that needs to be done during baseball season to be a winner. It does require time and patience, but the more time you put in, the more winners you will pick.

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