Earn Bitcoin with FortuneJack

Earn Bitcoin with FortuneJack's Sportsbook

There’s more than one way to enlarge the amount of Bitcoin in your wallet, some more fun or difficult than the others.

FortuneJack, an online casino that provides numerous online games of chance recently launched a new attraction for its visitors. For all those sports fans out there, Sportsbook provides means to combine the passion for betting games and sports, all for the purpose of amusement and profits.

Sportsbook BTC betting main features

Online betting should be easy and provide you with the comfort of placing any possible bet you desire. With Sportsbook you can put your Bitcoin on anything from Fulltime result to amount of goal per event, even try to guess which team scores first or last. The possibilities are all but endless.

A wide array of different sports is at your disposal, so you can choose your favorite sporting event and have fun while watching the results unfold live in front of you, all from the comfort of your chair. Anything from top soccer leagues to the best basketball events in the world, as well as tennis, volleyball and a dozen of other sports, are waiting for you to test your luck and knowledge with.

Features like no others on the market

Along with standard features, that clearly make the difference between FortuneJack’s Sportsbook and the rest of the online BTC betting options, there are a few unique features that you won’t get anywhere else.

No matter the type of bet you place, Sportsbook allows you to cashout at any time as long as the positions on your bet slip are active. This way you can leave while you’re still winning and the cashout amount will stay on your account no matter how the events unfold afterward.

Auto Cashout feature allows you to set the desired amount of BTC you wish to take automatically as soon as it’s available without the need to wait until all the events on your slip are completed. In addition, if the amount on your bet slip exceeds your preset choice then the higher amount will be cashed out, no matter what happens after.

Finally, keeping in mind that the odds change as events progress, you can always opt for saving your bet as a draft. This way you can create your own bet slip, wait for the optimal odds and place your bet when you’re ready. The ultimate method of taking control of the game that only Sportsbook can provide.

Help and guidance always available

A highly professional and friendly team of support agents is waiting for you 24/7 in case you ever need help with rules or any other kind of questions that you might have. Day or night, there is always someone ready to guide you and provide any sort of information that you might require to make your gaming experience satisfying.


Don’t wait for others to tell you all about this new addition to FortuneJack’s arsenal of entertainment. Join now, and experience the best online BTC betting platform available.

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