How to find value in NHL betting

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LAS VEGAS, NV (The Spread) - So you want to bet hockey? Here's how to find value in the nightly odds.

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The NHL isn't a heavily wagered on sport and I don't know why, as there is value on the board every night.  When it comes to wagering on NHL, the money line comes into play quite often.  For bankroll management there's no need to make a wager on the money line above -150, as in the NHL dogs win every night.  For example, the dog won in the first four NHL games on Tuesday night. 

As for betting the puckline, it doesn't hold much value as it seems you have to overpay to get +1.5 and the risk is too high with -1.5 odds seeing as how many outcomes are decided by one goal. That's not to say that you can't win on those bets, but bettors must consider long-term strategies to enhance their chances of making a profit. 

As in most sports, rest, road trips, revenge etc., all come into play and the public isn't going to come out ahead very often.  The Tuesday night matchup of Sharks versus Predators is a good example of finding value.  Both squads were coming off a day of rest, with the Sharks coming off an OT win over the Hawks and the Predators coming off a road loss.  The public gave the Sharks too much credit coming off a big win, and the Predators were up 3-1 at one point and ended up winning 3-2 as a +118 Money line dog. 

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