Hockey Betting Popularity In Canada

Why Is Hockey & Hockey Betting So Much More Popular in Canada

It’s not uncommon to have a sport that is massively popular in one country or region and has almost no hype in another.

Take golf, baseball, and football, for example, all of these are pretty popular in the US, but in Europe, it’s almost an entirely different story. Soccer, on the other hand, is an outright sensation in European countries. In Korea on the other hand, esports really dominate and are even more popular than regular sports. It seems like there are multiple factors that dictate the popularity of a certain sport within a region. Here we will focus on Canada, and explore why hockey is so popular there.  

The Environment

In order for people to get hyped about a specific sport, there needs to be a culture or society that nurtures love towards that sport. One way to do it is to teach younger generations how it is played and give them the possibility to pursue that sport as their passion. Hockey requires a field of ice, which means it’s not as accessible in other regions of the world as it is in Canada. This is why it’s easier for younger generations there to get into hockey early on. Children who live in areas where it’s naturally hot, can’t just go outside and create their own hockey field to play and have fun.


The sport also needs to have roots in history to become a part of a culture, and this is very much the case in Canada. The first game was played back in the mid-1800s. In the 70s, Canada already had a rival in hockey, and it was the Soviet Union, and this only amplified the passion for a particular sport.

Sports Betting

Sports betting and gambling are some of the most popular hobbies around the globe. In Canada, there are online gambling parlors that also offer sports betting options. So if you were to go and research online casino Canada platforms, you would see that in addition to casino games there are also options to bet on hockey on some of these websites. Placing wagers on the outcome only makes you more emotionally invested in the games, and if you end up winning, then it’s common to develop positive feelings towards the winning teams.

Of course, this is a controversial topic at the same time, and sports betting and gambling are illegal in some regions. However, these businesses also sponsor sports teams in the area where they are legal and those finances also keep the passion alive. You can find different online casinos and sports betting sights on, and you will surely see some brands here that are also common during sports games. So whether people want to admit it or not, betting does play a big role in sports and their popularity.


If there is a player that is really the best in the world at some point, then he or she becomes an icon of nationality and national pride. The player can make the sport even more popular and therefore secure more funding from sponsors. This ensures that future generations receive better training and eventually rise to similar heights. For Canada and hockey that’s definitely Wayne Gretzky. He holds multiple world records for hockey, has inspired legions of fans, and has a nickname “The Great One.” No one can deny that this Wayne is one of the essential reasons why hockey is as popular as it is today in Canada, and also worldwide.

This is pretty much the case with any other sport. The highest-paid athletes inspire young people, and that drive is important for producing more superstars who are worthy of the hall of fame. They are also the inspiration for other sports because they become living proof that you can achieve mastery in your passion, and receive the admiration you deserve.


These were some of the main reasons why hockey is a hit in Canada. It has a long history there, and an environment that can nourish the passion for that sport. There is also a sports icon that inspires others, and resources for organizing the events are readily available.

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