Taking Stock of the 0-2 NFL Teams

If You’re 0-2, You’re Through … Unless You’re Seattle

It’s only two games, right? Well, if your favorite NFL team started the regular season 0-2, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news: Over the past 10 seasons, teams like this have made the playoffs just 10.9 percent of the time. But there’s always room for hope. The 2007 New York Giants started the year 0-2, and they won the Super Bowl. Never give up.

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Most-Likely NFL Playoff Rebound Teams

Four Strong Winds: This Year’s Most Likely NFL Playoff Rebound Teams

Something very strange has been happening in the NFL: Every year since the league adopted the 12-team playoff format in 1990, at least four teams have made the playoffs after missing out the previous year. Sure, the NFL is a high-variance crapshoot where even the New England Patriots miss the playoffs now and then, but every year since 1990? That’s ridonkulous. So who will be this year’s Freshman Four? A lot of people are betting on the Cleveland Browns, even after they went 0-16 last year, and while the Browns may get there, we’ve got four other candidates in mind – starting with a team that won the Super Bowl not that long ago.

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