NFL Week 15 Bookie Betting Preview

NFL Week 15 Betting Preview & Predictions Straight From The Bookies

With 3 weeks left in the NFL Regular Season, online bookies figure to utilize pay per head software to squeeze as much profit as they can before the playoffs start. NFL Week 15 is no exception as bookies look to score big.

NFL Week 15 Betting Preview:  Bookies Love These Games

Players, check out the top 4 games in NFL Week 15 that have bookies giddy with excitement.

With only 3 weeks left of the NFL Regular Season, bookies are arming themselves with the #1 sportsbook software in the industry,

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Houston Texans -6 at New York Jets +6

Most players are looking to pound the Texans at the less than -7 spread to dominate the New York Jets. The Texans are a talented squad, and should bounce back in this spot, but can they cover as a -6 favorite against a better than it looks Jets team?

Trends point to the Jets having a shot to cover, they’re 7-1 ATS in their last 8 at home versus a team with a winning road record, which means most won’t use their layoff accounts.

If Texans over bet, pay per agents will allow dollars to ride.

Dallas Cowboys +3 at Indianapolis Colts -3

Some agents might not use their layoff accounts if players over bet the Cowboys. However, Dallas and Indianapolis are both excellent football teams.

More than likely, online bookies will use their layoff accounts on whoever’s overplayed. Then, they’ll set max betting limits on both moneylines.

Arizona Cardinals +9 at Atlanta Falcons -9

The Cardinals aren’t a great team. But, this is way too many points. Atlanta has lost 5 in row. 2 of the 5 losses were at home against the Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys. The Falcons also dropped a game on the road against the Cleveland Browns.

So, Atlanta’s not even playing well against teams that they should beat. The Falcons are in disarray right now. Atlanta figures to be overplayed in most sportsbooks.

That should give bookies plenty of reason to put aside the layoff account. They can score huge profit if the Cardinals cover the spread.

Philadelphia Eagles +9. at L.A. Rams -9.5

Here’s another where bookies might not use their pay per head software. The line has gone up a full point from Rams -8.5 to Rams -9.5. The money’s going the other way no onto the Eagles.

If Rams are over bet, bookies won’t use their layoff accounts.

If Eagles are over bet, bookies will use their layoff account. They’ll also set max betting limits on the Eagles to win straight up.

The Rams looked terrible this past Sunday night when losing to Chicago. No reason to mess around if you’re a pay per head agent. 

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