Stay in the Game for the Holidays

How to Stay in the Game During the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching with cheer, festive decor, and more lit trees than ever before.Now for most people, this is a sign for celebration but for sports fans, it can pose a bit of a challenge on how to stay in the game while getting into the holiday spirit.

But there’s no need to worry, here are some helpful tips on how to stay in the sports loop and not be a Grinch:

Get the scoop with the best apps

Ok, here’s the deal, you have to go outside during the holidays- it's mandatory, so being glued to the TV or computer is not an option. Luckily, we do most things on our phones anyway, so download the best apps for stats/videos and get the inside scoop you need without breaking a sweat. Here are some options: Bleacher Report (also has a live app), CBS Sports, Thuuz Sports, ESPN and League apps (NBA, NASCAR, MLB, etc). There’s no reason to be out of the loop when shopping or enjoying the holidays.

Get in on the fun

If you like to play and stay active online, there are plenty of options for you to stay up to date and place your bets on any of your favorite teams on several different sites. If you’re into more hands-on stuff, you can always step right into a casino while doing your last-minute shopping or while escaping that family member you're avoiding. No matter what game is on, there’s an app or site to keep you updated.

Make a calendar

This might sound a little intense, but it ultimately makes sense if you know in advance what specific dates and times games you don't want to miss are scheduled for. Plan around this so you can sit down, kick your feet up and shout at your favorite team or sport. This will make it all so much easier on both you and others, and ensure that you are available when you need to be.

Keep it in the background

Successful relationships with family or significant others are all about compromise, so make concessions, especially during the big days. Talk to your partner and keep sports in the background of what's happening. The game can be on TV, but it shouldn't be your main focus. Remember as with anything else, the key is to talk things out and be honest.

Make it a family thing

Now, this is the real magical unicorn... see if all of your loved ones join in on the excitement of the game, then your work is done!

Take it upon yourself to explain the game to the ones that don't know, teach them what's at stake and place family bets (loser has to wash the dishes or gets 5 bucks). Just get them excited to participate with you during the event, this way you can enjoy your game while everyone is having a great time.

Now you’re armed with some of the best tools for the holiday season, with one foot firmly on the field and the other on festivities. If none of the above works, just get everybody a great gift and let the game be a gift to yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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