Top 10 eSports Bets this Winter

What Games are The Best Options to Bet – Top 10 eSports Bets this Winter

Due to both the COVID-19 pandemic and the natural rise in interest in eSports, the industry continues to evolve in the final months of 2020.

With a growing number of viewers and prize pools, the popularity of eSports will only increase in the near future. Whether you prefer long-standing options or faster-paced gaming, you have a good chance of winning big when betting on eSports. The truth is that now is the best time to make money if you are interested in the virtual world of games and have at least some predictive ability to make your bets play for you. Since the coronavirus pandemic has caused problems in hosting many sports games, eSports is on the rise now. So, sign up on the SlotV website and go to the 'Sport' section to try your hand at eSports betting right now! In the meantime, we will share the best bets to make this winter.

Some Reasons to Bet on eSports

Since eSports is thriving, we decided to remind you of a few reasons why this option is promising for betting:

  • You can find out more easily, faster and cheaper what bets will work for you. Since the events of the world of eSports are streamed on services such as YouTube or Twitch and are available for viewing absolutely free, you can make your own predictions without any extra effort and financial costs.
  • You may have deeper knowledge than a bookmaker. Knowing everything about traditional sports, bookmakers are wary of eSports as this area is not fully understood. So, if you are a fan of some games, you can make several profitable bets based on your experience and win big.
  • With its constantly updated games, eSports is a fluid environment that offers almost equal odds for every bettor.
  • eSports is still a growing industry with huge potential.
  • There is no technology that can make your bet lose, just like the VAR introduced into the soccer.

Another important thing about eSports is that the officials - the human factor - does not affect the winning/losing of your bets in the same way that arbiters' mistakes can make you a losing bettor.

Top 10 eSports Bets to Place this Winter

When creating the ranking of the best eSports options in 2020, we studied many factors and attributes including the number of fans, prize pools and the largest wins:

  1. Fortnite, with its fast and unusual game mechanics, quickly propelled it to popularity. Still leading in terms of the prize pool and the number of participants, this game takes the honorable first place in our rating.
  2. DOTA 2, with its massive prize pool and huge fan base, is the highest-paid option in 2020. So, if you are looking for the most lucrative title for betting, Dota 2 is your best bet.
  3. Rainbow 6 Siege with a major professional league uniting 7 leagues from different countries around the world and a prize pool of up to $ 3 million could be your favorite. You can watch the Rainbow 6 Siege Gold Cup and other tournaments, bet and win big.
  4. Overwatch is a popular shooter with own league (OWL) formed in 2018 and uses the traditional format of sports teams representing their cities. With a prize pool of over $ 5 million, OWL is well worth spending your money on betting.
  5. Call of Duty is another popular shooter with a league created back in 2010. While Call of Duty hasn't reached the same heights as Overwatch, large viewership is the highlight of this option.
  6. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which has been - and remains - one of the big names in eSports. Continuing to attract the attention of many enthusiasts, the game generates large prize pools and therefore is a tidbit for bettors.
  7. League of Legends is not just another MOBA game, but one of the favorites thanks to frequent updates and a variety of game strategies. As a bettor, you can find a ton of information to improve your betting odds on this game.
  8. The NBA 2K League, backed by the NBA, offers a 15-week regular season with multiple teams - growing in number - and a massive $ 1 million prize pool.
  9. Hearthstone, which is basking in the glory of its predecessor World of Warcraft, lost ground a bit in 2020 (due to the coronavirus pandemic). However, other major tournaments are expected in the near future.
  10. Rocket League, with its funny cars and cartoon graphics, has also suffered from COVID-19. However, given its past popularity, this option deserves to be included in this list.

In addition, there are several less popular eSports options that you can find on your own. Our goal was to provide you with the most promising games that have the best winning potential. However, in order to get the most out of your eSports betting activity, you should rely on your own knowledge and experience to make the right choice in the end.


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