Newbies Guide to 2021 Melbourne Cup

A Newbie Punter’s Guide To Melbourne Cup 2021

The Melbourne Cup 2021 is fast approaching, and punters can no longer contain their excitement to bet on the horse that deserves the crown.

There are a few ways to bet on ‘the race that stops a nation,’ like visiting online booking sites, betting booths, and on the race tracks. 

First-time punters need all the help they can get to make their initial bet worthwhile. But how does one decide which horse to place their bet on? How does one place a wager in the first place?  

If you want the answers to these burning questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Why bet on the Melbourne Cup? 

The Melbourne Cup has been the most prominent thoroughbred horse racing event in Australia for over one and a half-century. First held in 1861, this annual sports event has risen to international prominence, alongside distinguished global events, such as the Kentucky Derby, the Japan Cup, and the Dubai World Cup. 

In the Flemington racecourse, the competition involves horses carrying weights of at least 50 kilograms along the 3,200-meter track. Since 2019, the total cash prize has reached AUD$ 8 million from AUD$ 7.3 million in 2018. This pot increase is partly due to a spike in betting revenues. Other than cash winnings, this year’s Melbourne Cup winners also stand to receive trophies worth AUD$250,000. 

How to prepare for betting on the Melbourne Cup 2021

The Cup draws in both seasoned punters and first-time bettors, both of which may refer to this article for Punters tips for the Melbourne Cup for updates and race predictions. To increase your chances of betting on the winning thoroughbred, consider the following points: 

  • Know what to look for: Since the competition is a handicap race, the horse of your choice must display a great mix of staying power and speed. Since a horse is only as good as its trainer and rider, betting for the Melbourne Cupinvolves choosing professionals with proven performance records.


  • Check the race’s history: Before placing a bet, it’s helpful to gather information on the previous Melbourne Cup winners. Find out critical statistics for each horse, jockey, and trainer, including performance records for various competitions. This Melbourne Cup guide gives you a comprehensive review of last year’s competition and some insights on the up-and-coming race this year.


  • Seek expert information online: The internet is brimming with input from expert punters about the horses most likely to become the Melbourne Cup 2021winner. Check out some additional expert tips at before placing your Melbourne Cup wagers.


How to place bets on the Melbourne Cup 2021 

As mentioned, there are few ways to place your bets for the Cup. If you prefer the feel of a ticket on your hand, do it the traditional way and look for betting booths near you. The downside is, you may have to spend too much time queueing up to get a ticket. If you find your way to the racecourse, look for a bookmaker to do the job for you.

If you don’t want to leave the house and avoid the hassle of lining up to have your bets recorded, look for bookmakers or bookies—either an individual, an organization, or online agencies—that accept, place, and pays off bets on a punter’s behalf. Make sure these entities are legitimate, though. 

All you have to do is choose an online bookie, sign-up or register by supplying your details, make a deposit, select the wager type, and place your bet for Melbourne Cup online betting. 

Types of Melbourne Cup 2021 bets you should be aware of  

Before placing your bets, it’s great to brush up your knowledge of sports betting terms, as the Melbourne Cup is no different. Aspiring punters should be aware of the stakes for every bet they make. Here are some basic terms: 

  • Win: You can reap the prize only if your horse wins first place. If you’re successful in choosing the winning entry, you’ll receive substantial rewards.  


  • Place: Not sure if your winning thoroughbred is the best?Choosing this option allows you to receive a prize if your horse ends up in the top three. Your winnings and odds will be less than if you choose the ‘win bet.’


  • Each way: If you want to increase your chances of winning, consider multiple bets. This Melbourne Cup wager is a combination of Win and Place bets. If your galloper of choice wins first place, you’ll get the earnings from both stakes. If your contender places second or third, you’ll get a portion of the winnings from your Place bet.    


  • Quinella: Your winning entry is determined if you can correctly choose the first two horses to snag the top winning places in any order. 


  • Exacta:  Like quinella, winning punters reap the rewards for choosing the first and second entries in the correct order. 


  • Trifecta: As the name implies, placing this bet allows a punter to choose the top three horses to win the Melbourne Cup. You’ll have the option to pay more by increasing the number of your choices, but you’ll receive lower dividends if you win.


Final Thoughts

Looking at these elements can help increase your chances of choosing the correct Melbourne Cup 2021 winner. If you want high returns from your bet, make sure to perform the steps above, and don’t hesitate to seek in-person recommendations, especially if you know an experienced punter. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun, as non-professional betting is all about the experience.

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