Why Team Wins Feel Like Personal Wins

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When our favorite team wins, it can feel like a personal victory which can improve our mood significantly. In the run-up to a game, the feeling of being surrounded by like-minded fans, all cheering on the same team, experiencing the same highs and lows, is one that we repeat week in, week out. But why?

The build-up to games is sometimes just as enthralling as the actual game. Having a drink with your mates, speculating about what the score will be – it becomes an all-day event. The fascination that we have with these events has inspired Betway to look into the science behind what actually happens to our brains during a competitive journey.

If you’re feeling a bit hyped up before the game, that may be because testosterone levels can increase by up to a third prior to engaging in a competitive activity, increasing unruly behavior. That may explain the sudden urge to start a team chant or call out the official. The full infographic below goes further into detail on what happens in this journey.


Image: Betway


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