How Bookies Profit from CFB Futures

College Football Playoffs Futures & How Bookies Increase Profits

The College Football Season kicks off on August 31. Right now, sports bettors can wager on teams to make the College Football Playoffs. For online bookies, promoting some teams to make the playoffs helps them increase profit.

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Alabama Crimson Tide:  Yes -300 vs No +240

Alabama is a huge favorite to make it to the College Football Playoff. At the odds, sports bettors must lay $300 to make $100

Although Alabama should make the college football playoffs, the chance for huge money on the down side, means that bookies want bettors to wager on the Crimson Tide.

Bookies will set a $600 max betting limit. If Alabama doesn’t make the playoffs, bookies keep the entire $600. Their exposure is only $200.

Clemson Tigers:  Yes -140 vs No +110

Clemson might have a better shot at making the College Football Playoffs than Alabama has. Per head agents will set a max betting limit at around $280 to $300.

Their exposure on Clemson will only be $200 per $280 wagered. Don’t be surprised if bookies promote bets on Clemson to make the College Football Playoff just like they promote bets on Alabama to make the College Football Playoffs.

What About The Other Teams?

Online bookies will also promote wagers on other teams to make the College Football Playoffs. Online bookies only must place stringent max betting limits on teams that offer more than even money to make the College Football Playoff. Here are some examples:

Washington Huskies – Yes +300

Expect a max betting limit of $100 to $200.

Ohio State – Yes +160

Expect a max betting limit of $100 to $200.

Wisconsin Badgers – Yes +375

Expect a max betting limit of $100 to $200.

For teams that offer betting odds at double-digits or higher, most bookies will set a max betting limit of $100. Allowing bettors to wager more than $100 risks too much exposure.

The most successful bookies know that not all action is good action. Bookies make profit on wagers like who will make the College Football Playoff by negating risk.

The more risk they’re able to negate, the more profit they stand to make. In the case of Alabama and Clemson, the low odds imply less risk if bookies set max betting limits that limit their exposure. 

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