Volleyball Odds to Win

A sport gaining more and more popularity throughout the country is men’s and woman’s volleyball. With that, oddsmakers have released the odds to win the 2008 Summer Olympics Woman’s Volleyball Tournament.

Bet the 2008 Summer Olympics Woman’s Volleyball Tournament

Oddsmakers from online sports book Bodog have made the Brazilian men’s team a 1/1 favorite to win the 2008 Summer Olympics Volleyball Tournament in Beijing. Brazil won the 2004 games in Sydney, so it’s no surprise that oddsmakers would favor the Brazilians to win again this summer. The Brazil woman’s squad is also favored to win their respective tournament, and have been made a 2/1 favorite.

One of the values in this summer’s games might be Italy on the men’s side, whose odds have been established at 8/1. Italy has medaled in the last three Olympics, so if they can hold off stiff competition in Brazil, Russia and Bulgaria, they might be a great value bet.

On the woman’s side, Cuba has captured three consecutive gold medals from the 1994, 1888 and 2004 games. They finished with a bronze medal in 2004 and could be a value bet at 6/1 odds to win.

Despite winning the gold in 2004 in the Sydney games and being the host country in 2008, China’s woman’s volleyball team has been listed at 3/1 behind Brazil (2/1) and Russia (5/2). Could they also be a strong value bet?

Odds to Win Men’s Volleyball Tournament

Brazil 1/1 

Russia 3/1 

Bulgaria 11/2 

Italy 8/1 

Serbia 10/1 

USA 12/1 

Poland 14/1 

China 30/1 

Germany 50/1 

Japan 250/1 

Venezuela 500/1 

Egypt 500/1 

Odds to Win Woman’s Volleyball Tournament

Brazil 2/1 

Russia 5/2 

China 3/1 

Cuba 6/1 

Italy 6/1 

Serbia 20/1 

Poland 40/1 

USA 40/1 

Japan 100/1 

Kazakhstan 1000/1 

Algeria 1000/1 

Venezuela 1000/1 

Bet the 2008 Summer Olympics Woman’s Volleyball Tournament

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