A Bookies' View of NFL Futures Bets

NFL Futures Bets: Who's Headed To Playoffs And How Bookies Are Reacting

NFL training camps start on July 26. Online bookies are promoting NFL future bets right now. One of those NFL future bets is on which teams will make the playoffs.

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Who's Making it To Playoffs And How Bookies Are Reacting

Check out who’s making it to the playoffs based on odds. Also, read about how bookies are reacting.

Green Bay Packers - Yes, -170 vs No, +140

Most bookies are allowing dollars on the Green Bay Packers too ride as long as they don’t get a steam bet on Green Bay. That means they’ve set up a bet alert on the Packers to make the playoffs. Green Bay is one of the teams that’s been touted highly to win the Super Bowl.

Philadelphia Eagles – Yes, -270 vs No, +210

The Eagles are one of the favorites to make the playoffs because most NFL handicappers don’t believe their opponents in the NFC East Division have improved. Philly’s odds make then an underlay wager. Some bookies will allow money on the Eagles to ride due to their ridiculously difficult schedule. Other bookies will attach max betting limits on this prop.

Houston Texans – Yes, -135 vs No, +105

It’s important to look at the Texans because Houston has become a hot team in Super Bowl futures. The Texans might have one of the top offenses in the NFL this season. The defense will be better with a healthy JJ Watt. Online bookies are likely to set max betting limits on Houston at -135. Some players will be on the No. Bookies will let that money ride.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Yes, -140 vs No, +110

The Jags’ will have the best defense in the NFL this season. That alone makes them a playoff contender. Almost every bookie will have max betting limits on the Jags at -140.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Yes, -550 vs No, +375

Pittsburgh is a lock to make the playoffs because of the AFC North Division. Max betting limits will be placed on Yes. Lower max betting limits will be placed on No. Just like every team in the NFL, a single injury could derail the team’s chances of making the playoffs.

New England Patriots – Yes, -1500 vs No, +880

It’s unlikely online bookies will place a lower max betting limit on the Patriots at Yes at less than $1,500. It makes no sense for anyone to wager less than $1,500 to make $100.

The max betting limits on Patriot Yes wagers will most likely be $3,000 for a $200 profit.

On the No side, most bookies will set a max betting limit of around $100 to $200.

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