Most Powerful Punchers in Boxing

Most Powerful Punchers in Boxing

Heavyweight boxing has seen some ruthless warriors in the ring throughout the years. Fighters with huge hits are still emerging today too, and if betting in Indiana, you can access some top-drawer markets for the largest fights in the game right now. These markets coincide with exciting bonuses too, so you are not short on options.

If you are simply trying to bet in the US, you have even more options open to you. There are certainly going to be some huge bouts coming up over the next 12 months, so why not cash-in on the bonuses while you can?

As much as we are looking forward to upcoming heavyweight boxing clashes, we figured we would look at some of the guys with the hardest hits of all time. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to look the wrong way at these men.

Watch Out for These Guys!

1. Mike Tyson

If you’ve ever followed heavyweight boxing, you will be all too aware of how animalistic this guy was in the ring. Tyson was just a pitbull in every fight, and he had quite a temper on him too, which just added to the ferociousness of his boxing. In his heyday, Tyson is hailed for having the hardest punches in heavyweight history.

This is reflected by many of his results too, as he was able to knock out some fairly formidable fighters in just seconds. Most notably, he knocked out Marvis Frazier in just 30 seconds and even Michael Spinks in 91 seconds. There’s even talk that Tyson might return to boxing sometime soon - wouldn’t that be awesome?

2. Joe Louis

Joe Louis might not have boasted the same punching power of someone like Tyson, but it was the frequency that he would land heavy blows that made him so good. He was one of those fighters that when his opponent was injured, he would smell blood like a shark and go for the kill. Whenever a man was down or shaken, Louis was just insanely good at following up with a flurry of powerful blows to finish him off.

If there was ever any doubt about Louis’ power, you just need to look back to 1942 when he knocked out a man who was 45 pounds heavier, in the form of Buddy Baer.

3. Sonny Liston

Besides Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston has to be one of the most famous boxers ever. Unfortunately, for Liston, he is perhaps best known for getting smoked by Ali rather than for his huge hits. When you look back at this guys track record however, he’s definitely up there with some of the hardest hitters of all time.

You don’t need to look much beyond Liston’s double over Floyd Patterson to see how hard he could actually punch. He managed to knock out Patterson in the first round of both fights, but he also managed to wipe the floor with Zora Folley and Cleveland Williams in his time. Liston was truly a beast in the ring with some serious power.

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