7 Weirdest Gambling Laws in The World

Seven Weirdest Gambling Laws in The World

Gambling has been among the most popular forms of entertainment for a very long time. People love spending their time playing casino games at offline and online casinos.

Online gambling, in particular, has gained huge success in the past few years. We can say that gambling has taken the world by storm in the past couple of decades. However, not all cultures and countries have a soft eye to gambling. Some people think of it as anevil that can ruin lives, while it is just a form of entertainment for others.

Different countries have different rules. For instance, online casinos are legal in some regions, and some countries have strict laws regarding access to online gambling. Another good example can be sports betting in the USA. Before 2018, betting on sports was illegal in the United States, while most European countries allow the players to bet on their favorite sports games. Thus, laws in one region may seem weird to people from another region. So, here we have discussed some of the weirdest gambling laws in the world. We bet you didn’t know about them earlier.

1.Online Casinos in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best gambling friendly country. Players can play casino games at land-based casinos as well as online casinos. But the local domestic casinos cannot offer online gambling services. Players only have to depend on the offshore casinos. In simple words, an operator or a business based in New Zealand cannot form an online casino platform for the players.

This is weird that players can use online casino websites from other countries. They can play popular casino games like pokies poker, blackjack, roulette, and many other games at the offshore casinos. Thus, players don’t have to deal with free spins laws and play using exciting bonuses at foreign online casinos.     

2. Canada Doesn’t Allow Dice with Craps

Dice is among the most required gambling instrument worldwide. It offers an easy and straightforward random result in a gambling game. It ensures that the outcome of the game remains mainly on luck. However, it is illegal to use dice in Canada while playing Craps. This law may sound weird to many people, but the reason may not. It was reported that many land-based casinos were using remote-controlled dices. So, the only solution was to ban the use of dice while playing Craps. Casinos have come up with a new way of playing Craps with cards.

3. No Offshore Online Casinos in Germany

The laws pertaining to online casinos in Germany are totally opposite to what we saw in New Zealand. Germany is one of the popular countries where online gambling is legal. The government issues license to the casinos, and the players are free to use any of the domestic online gambling platforms. But the players cannot use offshore casinos even when they have a legal license from a recognized foreign gambling authority. Thus, any foreign online platform, who wants to operate in Germany, must acquire a license from the domestic gambling authority to operate within the country’s territory.

3. Bingo Laws in North Carolina

When it comes to the best social game, Bingo is always at the top. Whether you play online or offline, this game can render full entertainment when you play with your friends, family, or even strangers. It is so entertaining that you can play every day, but not in the USA’s North Carolina state. It is prohibited to host bingo tournaments or events continuously for two days.

The bingo halls also have to follow the time rule while hosting bingo. A single session of the game should get over within five hours. If a bingo game lasts more than the limit of five hours, authorities can revoke the license of a casino. A particular reason behind this law is unclear, but we guess it was introduced to curb the addiction.

5. Gambling Restrictions in Japan

Japan is one of the Asian countries that are very inclined towards its culture and tradition. This is the reason why there are some serious restrictions when it comes to gambling in Japan. The country’s laws related to the old tradition of culture, social order, lifestyle,and money. Here, all forms of gambling are illegal, except lottery, motorsports, and horseracing. Pachinko, a slot kike game, is also legal.

6. Poker Rooms Are Illegal in Texas

This is one of those states in the USA that implies strict regulations on gambling activities. Here, operators cannot host poker rooms for gambling purposes. The reason behind this law is unclear, but the law doesn’t stop players from playing poker on online gambling platforms. Thus, the law allows the players to play their poker variants the latest technologies like mobile and desktops, but there is a strict prohibition on operating local poker rooms.

7. You Can Sue for Losses in Kentucky

We are ending our post with another weirdest gambling law. In this US state, in gambling, even when you lose more than $5, you can sue the opposite player if malpractice is noticed. Another weird thing is that you have a right to sue a person until the five years of the actual event. One more addition to this weirdest law is that if a person who has lost in a bet doesn’t suit the opposite person within the six months, any person on behalf of the loser can sue to cover losses within the next four and half years.

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