2021 Belmont Stakes Betting Guide

Your Ultimate Belmont Stakes Betting Guide in 2021

Horse racing events as big as the Belmont Stakes are exciting events to handicap. It has the longest track where the toughest horses are exhibited.

It is also recognized as one of the largest dirt races every year.

The anticipated horse racing event is annually held at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. Enthusiasts in the field call it the "The Test of the Champion" as it shows premium Thoroughbreds over a 12-furlong dirt course. Compared to betting on the Preakness Stakes or Kentucky Derby, wagering in the Belmont stakes is way trickier since it is a marathon, unlike the other two, which are considered sprints.

Different Types of Bets

If you’re new to horserace betting, don’t just try your luck by testing all types of bets. Read the different types of bets and assess what would suit you best.

Straight Bets

A “Win” bet is a variety of straight bets where you choose the horse you suppose will win the race. So, if the horse wins, you also win the betting game.

Compared to a Win bet, a “place” bet usually has lesser returns because your odds in this bet improves. You will only need to pick a horse you deem will place first or second in the race.

The third one is the “show” bet where you pick a horse that will most likely come in either first, second, or third place.

If you want it beatable and straightforward, the “Across the Board” bet might be the right one for you. In this wager, you only need to pick a horse to get the first three places of the race.

Exotic Bets

The first exotic bet we have is "Quiniela.” This is an exotic wager where you need to correctly select the horses that will place first and second in the race. The main rule is whichever horse can finish in either spot, and you still win.

The “Exacta” is similar to the Quinella. The main difference is that you must choose the first two finishing horses in the correct position. Since it's slightly tricky compared to Quinella, expect a greater payout as well.

Another type is “Trifecta,” which expects you to hit the exact order of the top three horses in the event.

Lastly, there’s also the “Superfecta,” which offers a generous amount of payout if you successfully set it. All you have to do is pick the top four finishing horses in the correct order. When you sense that a field is top-heavy, place this bet immediately. Don't forget that long-shots are most likely to ruin this bet.

Where to Watch It?

NBC will cover the TV schedule of the 2021 Belmont Stakes as usual. The entire weekend schedule of races will continue from June 5 (Saturday) to June 6 (Sunday), and the main event will be held on the evening of Saturday.

If you don’t have access to the NBC streaming, you can check it out in Belmont Stakes live-stream via several applications and services that allow access to NBC Sports.

Because of the Covid-19 issue, take note that the Event could still change all these dates. If there have been changes to the tentative schedule, the new calendar of events will be posted on Belmont Stakes' official website.

Where to Bet for the Belmont Stakes?

If you’re wondering where’s the most convenient place to settle your bet in Belmont Stakes, read on to the options below.

Off-Track Betting Locations

Generally, off-track betting or OTBs lets racetracks extend their range by administering retail betting venues far from the racetracks. Many states have already permitted domestic online horse racing betting, and OTBs are allowed in states where horse racing is quite popular.

Other Racetracks

All of us can agree that nothing can beat the thrilling sensation you could feel in the race's actual venue. But because the International Hot Rod Association initiates simulcast wagering laws, other racetracks in New York and other states of the country have ticket windows to accept Belmont Stakes straights and exotics placed by handicappers in their specific regions.

International Online Racebooks

Well, an offshore racebook with international operation can be an option too. Many licensed sports betting sites extend global racebooks. Basically, these racebooks welcome US citizens aged 18 years old and above regardless of horse racing availability in their states. It employs a house-banked model instead of the pari-mutuel model. Consequently, it allows its bettors to accurately see how much they could win when they place their bets.

Mobile Platforms

Most of the legal online racebooks have advanced through their mobile platforms. With mobile platforms, spectators can select Belmont Stakes champs despite their location in America.

Mobile betting is browser-based; therefore, expect that there's nothing that you'd download or update now and then. This means that you don't have to worry about its compatibility with your android phone or iPhone since it isn't app-based.

With a discern mobile device, a working Internet connection, and a membership at a mobile sportsbook, you can now place your bet on the Belmont Stakes at your fingertips. Plus, with the Internet's advanced streaming technology, you can now witness the Belmont Stakes live on your mobile phone.

Belmont Stakes Current Odds in 2021

There’s only less than a month left before the 153rd Belmont Stakes, so the current odds are posted already on several sportsbooks. Thus, check out the latest betting information on belmont stakes 2021 and expect that you will notice the futures and their odds on the betting boards as the race date draws nearer.

Final Thoughts

With a legitimate sportsbook and knowledge of betting's basic principles, you'll be able to conquer Belmont Stakes with a pocket full of cash. All you have to do is sign up or log in to your consigned sportsbook, make your deposit, and lay your bet on your preferred horse in the Belmont Stakes.

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