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There can only be one American Idol, so who will it be for Season 8: Kris Allen or Adam Lambert? Oddsmakers favor Lambert at 10/27 to win, but don’t underestimate Allen like most of the so-called experts have done all season.

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There’s a reason why oddsmakers from online sports book have made Lambert a 10/27 favorite to beat Allen – because Allen wasn’t supposed to make it to the Final Two.

While Adam Lambert breezed through to the final round, many thought it would be Danny Gokey to go head to head with Adam – not Kris Allen. But Allen kept hanging around as a dark horse in the competition and after a few surprise performances, he catapulted into the Final Two while leaving Gokey fans in shock.

It could be a foregone conclusion that Lambert wins based on the odds, but Allen has been an underdog for much of the season and he could surprise once again in the final round. At 21/10 odds, he’s the value pick of the two contestants, especially considering that teenage girls do most of the voting and Allen is the more “rugged” of the two. Allen’s style has been compared to Rob Thomas and John Mayer.

American Idol Season 8 finale will be held live on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET on Fox. David Cook and Black Eyed Peas are set to perform at the finale.

Final Odds to Win American Idol Season 8

Adam Lambert 10/27

Kris Allen 21/10

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Posted: 5/18/09 2:00PM ET


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