Belmont Stakes Payouts

In a stunning upset 2008 Belmont Stakes favorite and Kentucky Derby & Preakness winner Big Brown was handed an unanticipated defeat at the hands of Da’ Tara.

In the weeks leading up to the Belmont Stakes you were hard pressed to find anyone who would bet against Big Brown. Most critics had Big Brown’s name already penned in the history books as the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978.

Most stunning of all though were the payouts at the ticket window. A $2 wager to win on Da’ Tara paid $79.00 and a $2 superfecta paid a staggering $48,637.00.

Bettors who took a gamble on Da’ Tara today are no doubt pleased to see that the Triple Crown will have to wait until at least next year.

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Below is a list of the more popular payouts for the 140th running of the Belmont Stakes.

Congrats to Da’ Tara on an amazing victory.

Win Place Show

1st 6 DA' TARA $79.00 $28.00 $14.80

2nd 4 DENIS OF CORK $5.40 $4.10

3rd 8 ANAK NAKAL $7.60

3rd 9 READY'S ECHO $6.20

Other Payouts

$2 EX (6/4) paid $659.00

$2 TRI (6/4/ paid $3,703.00

$2 TRI (6/4/9) paid $3,954.00

$2 SPR (6/4/8/9) paid $48,637.00

$2 SPR (6/4/9/ paid $47,309.00

$2 DD (10/6) paid $1,574.00

$2 P03 (5/10/6) match 3 paid $6,475.00

$2 P04 (1/5/10/6) match 4 paid $34,287.00

$2 P06 (3,7/4/1/5/10/6) match 5 paid $1,106.00

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