Man or Mouse - The $60,000 Question

Man or Mouse - The $60,000 Question

Did you hear the one about the guy who opened a 25-team parlay and hit 24 with one remaining? There's no punch line here because it's not a joke. As a matter of fact, it's serious business and the decision to hedge or let it ride is worth beaucoup bucks. For the price of a quality cheeseburger, fries and a few beers to wash it all down a bettor from parts unknown has a large decision looming.

According to this Heritage player plunked down $25 on a dream that has suddenly become a near reality.

The man in question is a puck-head to be sure as 19 of his 25 legs of this parlay palooza are NHL plays. And it just so happens that every single one, except his last leg, is a puck line getting +1 ½ goals and laying anywhere from -130 to -325. The other six wagers that he hit were all NCAA basketball plays buying anywhere from six to 10 points, laying -338 all the way to -692. So the man has relied on paying heavy vig on these plays but when you have 25 of them, laying the lumber is not exactly a major problem as the most you can lose on a parlay is what you bet regardless of how many of the picks flame and how much juice you lay. It's all rolled up into one neat little wager and for this daydream believer, he threw $25 at what is essentially a lottery scratch ticket.

But the question I want to ask is - what would YOU do? You've just nailed 24 wagers and are within one game of hammering the bookie to the tune of $62,475.27. Do you do nothing except cross your fingers and crack open a cold one or do you hedge the bet? In other words, do you bet the other side for an amount that will make you smile even if this parlay goes down on the 25th and final bet? And just what is that amount exactly? If you wager the other side, for say $10,000, then you guarantee yourself at least that much...or should I say $9975. It's the worst 10 dime wager you will ever win because if you lose it then the parlay clicks and you will net out about 50 grand.

Ah, what to do, what to do? Well, I will tell you this my friends, there is no way in hell I am walking out of this without guaranteeing myself a healthy payday. If you let it roll and the final leg of this parlay fails like a fat guy in Spandex then you sir, are a jackass. Think about that sinking feeling for a minute. Is it better to be completely out of it from the beginning with your team trailing 4-0 after the first period or do you want to sweat it out and watch your 62 large flitter away courtesy of an overtime goal? Either way, you will hate yourself for not hedging...even a little. I say you hedge that bad boy for 20 dimes, invite your friends over for a catered event full of top shelf liquor and show the world what a baller you really are!

Check the discussion at SBR Forum to see what others are saying about this longshot parlay. Oh, and if you're wondering, the last leg of the parlay was the Columbus Blue Jackets -126 at the Philadelphia Flyers on March 13th. Did he win the $62K? I'll bet I know what you're doing next!


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