Pacquiao vs. Clottey

The WBO Welterweight title is on the line on Saturday, March 13 when boxing phenom Manny Pacquiao defends his title against Joshua Clottey.

This fight came together when a proposed bout between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. fell through due to the two being unable to agree on the drug testing policy. This fight will take place next Saturday from Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Pay Per-View.

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Pacquiao is the favorite heading into the fight with a betting line of -675 while Clottey has a line of +475 according to online sports book The fight card begins at 9PM ET on Pay-Per-View. Here is a closer look at both boxers and their odds heading into this fight.

Manny Pacquiao (50-3-2, 38 KO’s)

Strengths: Pacquiao has perhaps the fastest hands in boxing, which have allowed him to win his last four fights by KO or TKO, including a second round KO of Ricky Hatton in May and an eighth round TKO of Oscar De La Hoya last December. His last fight against Miguel Cotto saw Pacquiao score the TKO win in the 12th round, but he still dominated the fight for the 12 round duration.

Weaknesses: It has yet to be shown as a weakness, but Pacquiao continues to fight in larger weight classes than what he is accustomed to in order to make a big pay day. He fought most of his career as a Super Bantamweight (122 lbs.) or a Featherweight (126 lbs.), but has found success at the larger weights, including his fight with De La Hoya, where he fought at welterweight (147 lbs.). Already having a series of fights at welterweight gives him enough experience where the size shouldn’t be an issue. The dispute with Mayweather has caused some to question Pacquiao for not wanting to get blood tested. Some have accused him of using performance enhancing drugs, so Pac-Man will need to put on a good performance to make people forget about the issues with Mayweather.

Last Five Fights:

12th round TKO win over Joshua Clottey on Nov. 14, 2009

Second round KO win over Ricky Hatton on May 2, 2009

Eighth round TKO win over Oscar De La Hoya on Dec. 6, 2008

Ninth round TKO win over David Diaz on June 28, 2008

Split decision win over Juan Manuel Marquez on March 25, 2008


Joshua Clottey (35-3-0, 20 KO’s)

Strengths: Clottey is a tough fighter out of Ghanian. He has never been knocked out in a fight as his three losses have come by decision or disqualification. Clottey was able to win the IFC Welterweight Title in 2008, but lost to Cotto in his bid for the WBO title that Pacquiao now owns. Clottey has shown he is one of the top fighters in the world and perhaps the most resilient fighter in boxing.

Weaknesses: While Clottey is a tough fighter, he hasn’t been able to get past the elite level fighters like Cotto or Antonio Margarito. Clottey won’t be able to match the speed and power of Pacquiao in this fight as he has just 20 knockout wins in 39 fights. Clottey simply looks to be out-matched and collecting a big paycheck as Mayweather-Pacquiao broke down.

Last Five Fights:

Split decision loss to Miguel Cotton on June 13, 2009

Ninth round TKO win over Zab Judah on Aug. 2, 2008

Fifth round TKO win over Jose Luis Cruz on April 3, 2008

Decision win over Shamone Alvarez on Dec. 20, 2007

Decision win over Felix Flores on Aug. 9, 2007

Who will win:
Pacquiao is just too much for Clottey. Look for Clottey to come out spirited and game early, but Pacquiao to slowly pick him apart before earning a late round TKO.

Additional Lines:

Fight Outcome:

Pacquiao by Decision or Technical Decision 1/1    

Clottey by Decision or Technical Decision 7/1    

Draw or Technical Draw  25/1    

Round 1 Pacquiao win 20/1    

Round 2 Pacquiao win 18/1    

Round 3 Pacquiao win 15/1    

Round 4 Pacquiao win 10/1    

Round 5 Pacquiao win 8/1    

Round 6 Pacquiao win 6/1    

Round 7 Pacquiao win 4/1    

Round 8 Pacquiao win 4/1    

Round 9 Pacquiao win 4/1    

Round 10 Pacquiao win 2/1    

Round 11 Pacquiao win 2/1    

Round 12 Pacquiao win 2/1    

Round 1 Clottey win 40/1    

Round 2 Clottey win 35/1    

Round 3 Clottey win 35/1    

Round 4 Clottey win 35/1    

Round 5 Clottey win 35/1    

Round 6 Clottey win 35/1    

Round 7 Clottey win 35/1    

Round 8 Clottey win 25/1    

Round 9 Clottey win 25/1    

Round 10 Clottey win 25/1    

Round 11 Clottey win 35/1    

Round 12 Clottey win 35/1 

Round Betting:

Pacquiao to win in rounds 1 to 3 6/1    

Pacquiao to win in rounds 4 to 6 3/1    

Pacquiao to win in rounds 7 to 9 2/1    

Pacquiao to win in rounds 10 to 12 10/13    

Pacquiao by Decision or Technical Decision 1/1     

Clottey to win in rounds 1 to 3 20/1    

Clottey to win in rounds 4 to 6 17/1    

Clottey to win in rounds 7 to 9 15/1    

Clottey to win in rounds 10 to 12 13/1    

Clottey by Decision or Technical Decision 7/1    

Draw or Technical Draw 25/1      

Bet Boxing Odds

Posted: 3/6/10 5:08PM ET

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