Super Bowl 53 Bookie Preview

Super Bowl 53 Odds, Predictions & What To Expect From You Bookies

Super Bowl 53 is finally here! Soon we’ll all get a chance to partake in the biggest, most exciting, wagering event of the year.

For NFL handicappers, Super Bowl Sunday is the most important day of the year.

It’s also the most important day of the year for online bookies.

Each yeah, the Super Bowl bring in over $4 BILLION in online wagers. Most of those are placed in individually owned sportsbooks.

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Breaking Down The Super Bowl 53 Odds

Check out the Super Bowl 53 odds and how bookies are preparing for when the New England Patriots throw down against the Los Angeles Rams.

Rams vs Patriots Over/Under Total: 58

The over/under total for Super Bowl 53 opened at 58.5. It quickly dived all the way down to 56.5. At one point, it rested at 56, but, now, it’s flown back up to 58.

The reason?

In the first week before the Super Bowl, casual handicappers like most of us make our wagers.

Pro handicappers wait until the final week to make their wagers. Knowing that under was overplayed, pros have jumped onto the overs.

What Pay Per Head Agents Will Do: If they must use their layoff accounts, they will. Agents don’t like to see such wild swings on over/under totals.

Rams vs Patriots Moneyline: Patriots -145, Rams +115

The Patriots offer low odds, but if any sports handicapper feels that New England wins on Sunday, -145 might constitute value.

Some hefty NFL analysts, like former great Reggie Bush, believes the Pats win by 14 to 21. That makes -145 a gift.

Still others like the Rams at +115. A few NFL analysts actually believe the Rams win by 10 or more points. One analyst had the Rams winning by 12. That makes the Rams a popular wager on the moneyline as well.

What Pay Per Head Agents Will Do: It’s actually what they’ve already done. Pay per head agents have used tools like mass edit to set moneyline max betting limits on all their players. No bookie wants to play with fire at these moneyline odds.

Rams vs Patriots Against the Spread: Patriots -2.5 -120, Rams +2.5 +100

After the Rams opened a -1 favorite, money got dumped on the Patriots. The 3.5 swing hasn’t yet evened out.

We know this because players must offer a 20% vig to back the Pats while players that back the Rams get even money.

What Will Pay Per head Agents Do: They’ll use their layoff accounts. Some might not even offer the +100 on the Rams, or the -120 on the Pats.

They’ll just use their layoff account to even out wagering.

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