How Bookies are Prepping for SB53

Super Bowl 53 Is only 2 Weeks Away! How Are Your Bookies Prepping?

Since there’s less than 2 weeks before Super Bowl 53, online bookie agents should already have started their prep work.

Super Bowl 53: Money Still Flowing to the Patriots

Check out current odds on the biggest betting event of the year. Then, see what steps bookmakers are taking to ensure profit.

New England Patriots -2.5 vs Los Angeles Rams +2.5

Although most players missed this, the Rams actually opened as a -1 favorite over New England immediately after the Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs in last week’s AFC Championship.

Within a couple of hours, though, the line changed from Rams -1 to Patriots -2.

The line stands at Patriots -2.5. Most players are still piling into New England. Pay per head agents know this, which is why they are doing a few things in their sportsbooks to ensure profit.

How Will Bookies Ensure Profits On Super Bowl Game Day?

The first thing they’re doing is setting max betting limits on both teams to win straight up.

The line is less than -3. Whenever a bookie sees a line at less than -3, they set max betting limits on both teams.

The reason? At -2.5, many players will put a ton of dollars on the Rams at above even money odds.

However, many other players will bet on the Patriots at -2.5. The line’s not high enough for a lot of Patriot bettors to go for New England against the spread.

If the game finishes with a 1-point Patriots win, they make almost just as much on the moneyline as if the Patriots had covered.

There’s also the chance that most per head agents are using their layoff accounts to even out wagering on both sides of the spread.

Super Bowl 53 appears to be a game between two evenly matched teams. Whenever a bookie sees a football game between two evenly matched teams, they won’t roll the dice.

They use their layoff account to ensure they make money no matter who covers the spread.

Those are the two main ways bookies will use pay per head software to ensure Super Bowl profit. The other thing they’ll do is use their layoff account on the total.

There’s no way to know the strategy that either team will employ on Feb. 3. Both teams can light up the scoreboard, but both squads also have very good defenses.

The total’s gone down a point from 58 to 57. Some bookie agents might roll the dice and not use their layoff account if players are betting over the total.

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