Casino Gambling Online Trends 2021

Casino Gambling Online Trends 2021

The online casino gambling industry experienced record growth last year and 2021 is expected to be even bigger.

Casino classics such as slots and the BetRivers promo code are still the most popular games and bonuses but other ways of gambling are taking form such as decentralized gaming. In this article, I will talk about what technology is driving the trends and what to expect in the near future.

How Decentralization Is Transforming Online Gambling

One of the major growth areas over the last 5 years is decentralized gaming. It works by the decentralized blockchain running smart contracts that make possible a completely decentralized platform. Become it is decentralized means anyone around the world can access it anonymously along with can be ensured true results due to blockchain verification of each transaction.

New Casinos Powered By Crypto Tokens

New blockchain-powered gambling platforms can create their unique characteristics of cryptocurrency. It can be done via using blockchains such as Ethereum and EOS. There are many advantages of this for the players but there are also risks attached as well that you need to be aware of.

The main benefit is that they can create an ecosystem where all players share in the house profits. These are distributed via smart contracts and the amount is determined by the percentage of coins you hold. Players can also earn free coins by mining taking place while games are being played. These are the future of gaming but the technology is far from working perfectly at the present.

The risks are that these types of crypto coins are extremely volatile and most projects have ended up with players losing all of their coins accumulated. It is important to understand that no new blockchain project is a sure-fire thing so always only invest what you can avoid.

Is This The Year That VR Casinos Finally Take Off?

Over the last year and the start of this year, many people around the world have been forced to stay indoors. It has led to many looking for ways to entertain themselves which is why VR has seen record growth in 2020. There was also the successful launch of oculus quest 2 along with an update for PS5 VR. Many experts believe we are now only a couple of years away from seeing mainstream VR so will 2021 be the year of the virtual casino rise?

Final Thoughts

The online gambling sector is one of the ones that have seen the biggest growth in recent years. Unlike sectors like tourism, restaurants that have fallen apart and are struggling to stay afloat, the online gambling sector is experiencing record growth. The improvements in technology and breakthroughs such as the blockchain are revolutionizing the industry but we are a couple of years from becoming a serious threat to the centralized casino model.

In 2021 expect to see more esports gambling along with more platforms launched that provide a chance for players to share in-house profits through new crypto coin blockchain casinos. VR is still a few years away from mainstream acceptance but will make big progress this year.


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