NFL Divisional Playoff Odds & Preview

NFL Divisional Playoff Odds & How Bookies Are Prepping Their Sportsbooks

The NFL Divisional Playoffs take place on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, Jan. 12, the Indianapolis Colts head to Kansas City to battle the Chiefs and the L.A. Rams host the Dallas Cowboys.

Then, on Sunday, Jan. 13, the Los Angeles Chargers travel to New England to take on the Patriots while the Saints host the Philadelphia Eagles in New Orleans.

NFL Divisional Playoff Odds & Bookie Tactics

Online bookies expect massive action on all four Divisional Playoff games.

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Saturday, Jan. 12

Indianapolis Colts +5.5 at Kansas City Chiefs -5.5

Most NFL bettors favor taking the 5.5 points on the Colts. In many sportsbooks, the Colts figure to be overbet while the Chiefs are under bet.

No matter which team garners more action, bookies will use their layoff accounts. They’ll also set max betting limits on both moneylines.

At -5.5, the Chiefs won’t offer a moneyline that requires too high of an investment. Agents will make sure to set max betting limits on the Kansas City moneyline as well as the Colts’ moneyline.

Dallas Cowboys +7 at Los Angeles Rams -7

Here’s another where the dog’s getting most of the attention against the spread.

Many feel the Rams have what it takes to win the Super Bowl, they’re second choice in Super Bowl 53 futures, but most don’t feel they’re worth a wager at -7.

The Cowboys could keep this close with their rushing attack and defense. The Rams aren’t a great covering team, anyhow. Per head agents will most definitely use their layoff accounts on the Cowboys against the spread. They might allow wagers on the Rams to stand if L.A. is over played.

Setting max betting limits on the Dallas moneyline is another move most sportsbook operators will make.

Sunday, Jan. 13

Los Angeles Chargers +4 at New England Patriots -4

So far, only a few sportsbook players expect the Patriots to cover the -4. The Chargers really impressed last Sunday when they beat the Baltimore Ravens.

The Los Angeles moneyline could be hot in whatever sportsbook you use. Most agents will set max betting limits on LAC to beat the Patriots SU.

They’ll also set max betting limits on New England’s moneyline. Bookies will use the layoff account on either team that’s overbet.

Philadelphia Eagles +8 at New Orleans Saints -8

Most are taking the 8 points on the Eagles. The thinking is that if Philadelphia could upset the Bears straight up in Chicago, they should keep it close against New Orleans.

However, some professional handicappers are willing to lay the points.

That means, pay per head agents will use their layoff accounts no matter who’s overplayed against the spread. They’ll also set max betting limits on Philly’s moneyline.

Depending on how much action they get on the Saints’ moneyline, they might set max betting limits on New Orleans as well.

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