NFL Week 13 Parlay Picks

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NFL Week 13 is just about here. Already, online bookie agents are promoting parlay bets. Check out the 5 parlays that agents are most likely to promote.

NFL Week 13:  5 Most Promoted Parlays

When it comes to parlay bets, bookies want football handicappers to dump on teams that’s as close to a 50% chance of winning as possible.

A 50% chance of winning means that there’s a 50% chance of losing.

2-Team NFL Parlay:

Minnesota Vikings +3 at Atlanta Falcons -3

Indianapolis Colts +9.5 at Jacksonville Jaguars -9.5

So far, football handicappers are split right down the middle in Vikings at Falcons. 50% believe Minnesota covers the spread at +3. 50% believe that Atlanta covers the spread at -3.

This should be the most promoted parlay game in NFL Week 13.

52% of handicappers are all over the Colts at +9.5. 48% of handicappers are willing to lay the 9.5 points on the Jaguars.

Colts at Jags is likely to be the second most pay per head promoted parlay in Week 13.

3-Team NFL Parlay Add: 

San Francisco 49ers +3 at Chicago Bears -3

The goal of all bookie agents is to promote games that are difficult to handicap. Right now, 55% are taking the 3 points on San Francisco. 45% of football handicappers are laying the 3 points on the Chicago Bears.

One thing that could throw a wrench into this game is 49’ers’ QB Jimmy Garoppolo’s status. If Garoppolo starts, there’s a good chance the 49’ers end up as -1 dog, or even the favorite.  

4-Team NFL Parlay Add:

Detroit Lions +2.5 at Baltimore Ravens -2.5

Detroit is garnering 56% support from NFL bettors. Baltimore is at 44% support. The Ravens have an advantage in that they battle Detroit at home. The Lions, from the words of most NFL analysts, is the overall better team in the matchup. If anything, Detroit’s support could dwindle. Home field advantage means a lot in the NFL.

5-Team NFL Parlay Add:

Kansas City -3.5 at New York Jets +3.5

By 2% points the Chiefs at Jets game should be a more highly promoted event than the Patriots at Bills game. 62% favor the Patriots at -9 versus Buffalo Bills. 60% favor the Chiefs at -3.5 versus the New York Jets.

The Takeaway:

One thing to remember is that just because an online bookie promotes a parlay bet, it doesn’t mean players shouldn’t make the promoted parlay wager.

Bookies utilize overall percentages to decide on promotions. Handicappers key on specific games and use their handicapping skills to find optimal bets.

These are insights to the bookie brain, and their logic when setting up their sportsbook. Go with

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