NFL Free Agency: Latest Super Bowl Odds

NFL Free Agency Movement, 3/18/20 Latest 2021 Super Bowl Odds?

Following a crazy 48 hours in NFL free agency, what are the latest 2021 Super Bowl odds? The Chiefs are still favored to repeat as NFL title winners but what about the Bucs after signing Tom Brady? What about the Patriots now that Brady is gone?

The Favorites

According to oddsmakers from online sports book, the Chiefs remain favored to repeat as title winners at 5/1 to win the 2021 Super Bowl. With Brady no longer in the AFC, the Chiefs’ chances have only grown and unless Patrick Mahomes suffers an injury in the offseason, Kansas City will remain kings of the mountain for not only 2020-21, but beyond. While it’s unlikely any team is able to accomplish what the Patriots just did over the last 20 seasons, the Chiefs have arguably the greatest chances of forming the NFL’s new dynasty.

The Challenger

Following the Chiefs at 5/1, the Ravens have the next-best odds to win the 2021 Super Bowl at 13/2. Remember, it was Lamar Jackson and the Ravens that earned the AFC’s No. 1 seed a year ago, with the Chiefs securing the No. 2 spot only after the Dolphins went on the road and upset the Patriots in Foxborough in Week 17, dropping New England to the three seed. Once the Ravens were upset by the Titans on Wild Card Weekend, the Titans traveled to Kansas City, where they were beaten by the Chiefs, who went on to knock off the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, if there’s any team that will threaten the Chiefs’ crown, it’s the Ravens.

The Rest of the Top 5

Following the Chiefs at 5/1 and the Ravens at 13/2, the 49ers are 12/1 to win the 2021 Super Bowl, giving them the best odds of any team in the NFC to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Following San Francisco at 12/1 are the Cowboys and Saints, who are both 15/1, respectively, to win the 2021 Super Bowl.

Rounding out the Top 10

After those five teams are the Bucs, Tom Brady’s new team, at 18/1. Tampa Bay opened with 65/1 odds to win the Super Bowl, so the signing of Brady impacted the Bucs’ odds significantly. After the Bucs are the Packers and Seahawks at 20/1, respectively, followed by the Eagles and Steelers at 25/1, respectively. Those last two teams round out the top 10 in terms of the odds.

Mid-Range Long Shots

The Bills, Colts and Patriots are all 30/1, respectively, to win the Super Bowl. Oddsmakers might not know what to do with the AFC East now that Brady is no longer in the division, although nobody knows what New England’s next move is now that it needs to search for a quarterback for the first time in 20 years. Depending on which signal-caller the Pats choose as Brady’s successor, their odds could change significantly in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, the Bears are 35/1 to win the 2021 Super Bowl, followed by the Browns, Rams and Vikings at 40/1, respectively.

The Mid-Range Long Shots

The Cardinals, Raiders, Chargers and Titans are all 50/1, respectively, followed by the Falcons, Broncos and Giants at 60/1, respectively, to win the Super Bowl. The Jets, meanwhile, are 75/1, followed by the Texans at 80/1.

The True Long Shots

After the Texans at 80/1, the odds all hit triple-digits for the remaining teams. The Dolphins are 100/1 to win the Super Bowl, followed by the Lions at 125/1 and the Panthers at 150/1. The Redskins are 250/1, followed by the Bengals and Jaguars, who both have the longest odds of any team at 300/1, respectively.

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