Should bettors vary their wagers?

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LAS VEGAS, NV (The Spread) - Should bettors vary their bets or keep their wagers the same dollar amount?

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There are an infinite number of theories and strategies regarding the topic of money management and wager amounts in regards to sports betting. There are a lot of factors that go into wager amount. There are all different types of bettors with bankrolls of all sizes and that plays an important factor into how a sports bettor makes their wagers. Before a sports bettor decides on varying their wager amounts, they first need to decide what type of bettor they are. A high volume player would best be served to keep their wager amounts the same, while a selective bettor should vary their wager amounts from time to time.

High volume players, those who make a play on several games daily, are wise to flat bet their plays. The high volume player's strategy in my experiences is to beat the books by trying to hit a high rate of plays. It's important to keep your wager amount the same in this strategy because of the risk of overextending your bankroll in one night and by playing such a high volume of plays it's hard to choose which game you would want to wager a little heavier on than the others.

Selective sports bettors have a little more flexibility in their wager amounts. The player should first decide a daily wager amount they feel comfortable with risking on the majority of their selections, whether it be $50, $100, or more. There isn't going to be a game you want to bet heavier on every night, but you want to have the bankroll available when you do. You need to remember there's always going to be another game to wager so you would never want to risk your entire bankroll on one game. I would suggest a daily $100/per game bettor to jump to risking $150 on those games they find to be just little juicier than others. This allows you to increase your profits, while keeping the long term in mind.

I find sports betting to not be all that different from sitting at a blackjack table. A blackjack player sitting at a table long enough playing the exact same every hand will find the house to eventually catch up. This theory also applies to sports betting in that a flat wager bettor could have the house catch up with them during a cold streak. I have found more success by increasing my wager amounts on plays I find to have a higher rate of winning then by flat betting every play. This strategy also keeps you from having to hit an incredibly high rate of plays to get ahead of the books. The most important rule of all is to never risk an amount above your means, or that you don't feel comfortable making. There's no doubt sports betting can be profitable, but a player should keep in mind that it is entertainment as well.

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