CLEVELAND, OH (The Spread) - Johnny Manziel was one of the more polorizing players in college football the past two years and now that he's in the NFL it appears that has changed.

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ESPN's Chris Mortensen noted on SportsCenter on Friday that the Browns have had conversations with Manziel about him "toning it down" in regards to his actions on social media. Team owner Jimmy

Haslam was reportedly bothered by the quarterback's decision recently to post a picture on Instagram of him holding a money phone (i.e. a stack of bills) up to his ear. Manziel has also been in the media various times over the last couple of weeks due to his partying habits.

"It did not sit well with the owner Jimmy Haslam, who did instruct his staff to at least have a talk with Johnny about being more savvy as he deals with social media," Mortensen said. "We know you're young. We know you're single. Joe Montana himself said that Bill Walsh pulled him aside, and that was before the age of social media. Johnny Manziel has been told to tone it down, and to watch what goes up on social media."

When asked Friday about whether or not the team had told him to tone down his partying, Manziel told the Cleveland Plain Dealer no.

"I don't think I'm doing anything wrong,'' Manziel said. "I'm going out. Everybody goes out on the weekends and enjoys their life and lives their life and just for them, they don't have people that when they walk into a place pull out their phones and all they want to do is follow me around and record everything, so my situation is unique and different and now more than ever I've seen that it's an every weekend thing wherever I'm at, whether it's here in Cleveland on a weekend, or in Dallas or anywhere on a weekend people want to record what I'm doing because they think it's a story.

"Everybody goes out and has fun. I'm not doing anything that's putting myself in a harmful situation. I'm not doing anything that's ... jeopardizing what I do here throughout the week, or what I'm looking forward to doing this season.''

According to oddsmakers from online sports book BetDSI, the Browns are currently 50/1 long shots to win the 2015 Super Bowl. They're also 25/1 long shots to win their conference in 2014 and 5/1 long shots to win the AFC North Division.

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