What is Juice or Vigorish or Vig?

The term “Juice” is actually a slang term for Vigorish or “Vig”. In sports gambling is the amount of money or commission a sports book receives for taking your bet.

Most of the time, the sports books takes a 10% cut for the amount of each wager, but the juice amount can vary from book to book and from sport to sport. For instance, most online sports book use 20% vig or juice for Baseball commission.

The sports book only collects the juice if the bet is lost. Conversely, juice is not paid to players on winning bets.


Paul bets $100 on the Cowboys. If the Cowboys lose, the Paul owes the sports books $110, because he must pay the “juice” of 10%.

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#7 137 Liberty  84%
#8 143 Northern Illinois  82%
#10 106 Houston  81%

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