NFL Week 17 Preview: Playoff Picture

NFL Week 17—The NFL Playoff Picture Straight From Local Bookies

The final NFL Regular Season week is here. Plenty has yet to be decided as most games in NFL Week 17 have playoff implications.

NFL Week 17:  4 Games that Will Affect Playoff Seedings

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Check out below for 4  NFL Week 17 games that bookies are preparing for..

Jacksonville Jaguars +7.5 at Houston Texans -7.5

The Jacksonville Jaguars won’t make the playoffs only a year removed from almost upsetting the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship.

The Jaguars can stop the Houston Texans from winning the AFC South, though.

With a loss, Houston becomes a wildcard team. A victory hands them a 3-seed, or 2-seed if the Patriots lose to the Jets.

Most money will be on Houston, but the Jaguars are motivated.

Bookies will set max betting limits on Jacksonville while possibly putting their layoff accounts to the side if Texans are overplayed.

Chicago Bears +5 at Minnesota Vikings -5

With a win, Minnesota’s in. But, the Bears have a shot at the 2-seed if the Rams lose at home to the San Francisco 49ers. Chicago has played very well and beat the Vikings earlier in the season.

Minnesota doesn’t figure to blow a chance at the playoffs in a home game versus a rival, though.

The Vikings should win and cover even though most NFL handicappers prefer the Bears. Knowing this, many bookies will use their layoff accounts to manage action on the Vikings if Minnesota’s over bet.

If Chicago’s over bet, they might not use their layoff accounts.

Cleveland Browns +6 at Baltimore Ravens -6

Surprisingly, most handicappers are taking the points. Cleveland has played exceptionally well, winning 4 out of their last 5, and has a real shot of denying the Ravens an AFC North Division title.

Unless one team is over bet, most bookies might not have to use their layoff accounts on this game.Whichever teams over bet, online bookie agents should use their layoff accounts.

Indianapolis Colts -3 at Tennessee Titans +3

The Colts battle the Titans in a playoff win and you're in game on Sunday night. Whoever takes this battle either wins the AFC South Division if Houston loses to Jacksonville, or grabs a wildcard if Houston beats Jacksonville.

Titans starting quarterback Marcus Mariota has an elbow stinger. He won’t be 100%.

Since the game is so meaningful, bookies will use pay per head software tools to even out betting dollars on both sides of the spread. They will also set max betting limits on both moneylines.

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