NHL Rumours And More

NHL Rumours And More

Today's rumour reveal will cover all the questions that you possibly could have had about possible contract signings-how BriseBois thinks he can get two players, even though they are still under firm contract at the moment.

One always needs an explanation for the confidence, especially with the Lightning’s cap scenario situation...Well someone had to mention it, right? Other additions to our reveal will include what will be next for the N.Y Islanders, is there going to be a Barzal deal after Boychuk’s retirement? So many questions and so little time to get it all down. We had better get started!

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Boychuk retirement: what is next for the N.Y Islanders?

Since the announcement of the retirement of Johnny Boychuk, the N.Y Islander’s path has suddenly changed and become very unclear all at once. The Islanders do actually have $3.9 million when it comes to the cap space and equal to the average of Boychuk’s yearly value. Therefore, many have concluded that this should be enough cash from the $81.5 million cap, to purchase the deal for Barzal. This may also open a window of opportunity for the Islanders to actually purchase more players, with top favourites including Andy Greene, Matt Martin and Cory Schneider, the goaltender, with some great stats behind him.

Lightening Plan for Space Clearance

Mikhail Sergachev has been signed to a contract that should keep him for three years. BrisBois believes that he will be able to grab the free agents Cirelli and Cernak too, under a contract-yet many are not actually sure this is possible due to the team being already above their annual salary cap. This would mean the team are above their cap by $1.9 million.

To counteract the issue, BriseBois will be actually moving and shaking up the players to free some space for the cap. Yet things are yet to actually materialize into something beyond words at this point.

A Bruins and Chara Update 

Boston and the Chara situation has been something that many have tried to keep a close eye on, for the updates. Benjamin of the NHL, believes the deal will take place, it will just be a case of the administration procedures that occur in the backseat of the situation. Yet one thing to keep in mind from all of this is, If Chara’s deal actually does go through, he will basically be accepting a reduced role overall within the team, which is quite frankly bizarre for any player to agree to?

Although he has received much interest from many other teams within the NHL, yet the players are wanting him to play for Boston despite all of the ins and outs of the situation. Most likely it will be with the Boston’s.

The Hockey Canada Camp Suspension 

Team Canada was unfortunately closed down due to many cases of COVID transmissions being reported by the camp. This has raised concerns and forced the camp to close for an entire two weeks, for isolation purposes and protection to the general public. The Hockey Canada did release an official statement which has mentioned how the Canada Camp are not exempt from the rules and therefore must put a halt to all of their activity.


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