NFL Week 14 Bookie Betting Preview

NFL Week 14 Betting Preview & Predictions Straight From The Bookies

We’re closing in on the final week of the current NFL Regular Season. As always, online bookies will target specific NFL gridiron battles for big profits.

NFL Week 14 Betting Preview:  How Bookies Will Handle These Games

Check out the 4 games in Week 14 that bookies are watching, plus, which pay per head software tools those bookies figure to utilize.

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New York Giants -3.5 at Washington Redskins +3.5

The Giants are the most heavily backed team in Week 14. By a 7.5 to 1 margin, NFL bettors back the Giants to cover the spread against the rival Redskins.

That could be music to the ears of bookies because the Giants aren’t a lock.

The Redskins might be to cover. Washington was one of the top covering teams in the NFL before suffering two catastrophic quarterback injuries.

New starter Mark Sanchez can navigate through a bad Giants’ secondary. Washington could cover, meaning bookies will have max betting limits on Washington’s moneyline and allow dollars on the giants to ride.

Atlanta Falcons +5.5 at Green Bay Packers -5.5

Sometimes, all a team needs to flourish is to make a significant change. The Packers fired coach Mike McCarthy. They remain big close to -6 favorites over the Falcons.

Neither one of these teams has the edge, which is why betting’s gone to both squads.

For pay per head agents, that’s a different kind of music. The fee books charge to place wagers becomes all profit.

Good news for bookies, but a sign that sports bettors must have their handicapping on point to find the winner here.

Carolina Panthers -1.5 at Cleveland Browns +1.5

On paper, Carolina should win by around 14 points. However, the Browns have been much more competitive this season than they have in what feels like a decade.

Carolina has lost 4 in a row, putting their playoff aspirations in jeopardy.

Browns should be competitive enough here for most agents to allow as many wagers as possible on the Panthers. Not using their layoff accounts will lead to added profit.

Philadelphia Eagles +3.5 at Dallas Cowboys -3.5

The Cowboys are on a roll, but Philly might have turned the corner in their Monday night win over Washington. 50% back the Eagles. 50% back the Cowboys.

Online bookies will use pay per head software to set max betting limits on both moneylines.

They won’t mess around with the spread. Whichever team’s over wagered in their book, they’ll use the layoff account to even things out and ensure profit on the spread. 

Remember, bookies aren’t out to ensure you lose, they’re out to ensure their books are balanced so they can collect the vig. That’s why they look for matchups that are difficult to handicap or have bettors at odds with eachother.

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