NFL Week 11 Bookie Betting Preview

NFL Week 11 Betting Preview & Predictions Straight From The Bookies

NFL Week 11 could be a watershed moment for bookmakers. Your online bookie will use pay per head software to manage action on almost every game.

NFL Week 11:  Top 4 Online Bookie Games

Check out the Top 4 games that your bookie’s paying the most attention to.

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Dallas Cowboys +3 at Atlanta Falcons -3

Both teams are 4-5, which means whoever wins on Sunday remains in the playoff hunt while the team that loses could end up out of the playoffs before Week 13. Atlanta’s got the edge based on early betting action, but per head agents are cognizant of emotions in this one.

Depending on where a bookie resides, liabilities could be created on either team. Bookies will set max betting limits on both moneylines as well as use their layoff accounts.

Pittsburgh Steelers -6 at Jacksonville Jaguars +6

The Jaguars are on a 6-game losing streak. They can’t stop the rush. They have a great secondary, but often the front seven doesn’t apply enough pressure to stop the pass. Jacksonville’s offense isn’t close to where it must be to contend in the AFC.

Also, the Steelers head into this game with revenge on their minds. The Jags beat Pittsburgh in last season’s AFC Divisional Playoffs.

Every bookie on the planet will use their layoff account if the Steelers create a liability.

Houston Texans -3 at Washington Redskins +3

The Texans could create a liability in many online sportsbooks. Houston’s being over played at -3. Washington’s a good team, though. The Redskins have gone both 6-3 SU and 6-3 ATS this season.

Plenty of online bookies will shove layoff accounts into the corner and hope for a Redskins cover.

Those same bookies might set max betting limits on Washington’s moneyline. The home team can upset the road team in this matchup.

Kansas City Chiefs +3.5 at L.A. Rams -3.5

The NFL moved the game from Mexico City to Los Angeles because the field was an absolute disaster. Makes sense because on the schedule this is a Rams’ home game.

Los Angeles has skated by against the spread, which means if they create a liability in some sportsbooks, those pay per head agents might not bat an eye.

Others will use their layoff accounts no matter what. This could be a classic 50/50 split game between two of the best in the NFL. 

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