Dodgers Win First WS Since 1988

The Dodgers Win Their First Ever WS Since 1988

The Dodgers managed to win their first ever World series since 1988 on the 28th of October.

Snell’s Game outing was what allowed the game to be cut short and allow the team to seize their moment. From the offensive derived to ambush Nick Anderson, at the sixth inning the Dodgers managed to claim a 3-1 and ultimately take their well-deserved crown for domination of the season. One thing that will be said is, this game was the shortest in the season and funnily enough it was just enough to showcase the talent needed and be a spotlight within the Baseball history for the league especially.

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The team performed exceptionally well all season, there is no doubt about that, especially with the entire pandemic season change up and disturbances. Corey Seager did comment to multiple sport sources like Sky Sports, on how their team never stopped training and preparing for the season ahead. This made them very ready for as soon as the season was given the green light to continue. Corey was the eighth player to win the League Championship/ World Series MVP. He definitely has turned heads multiple times; however, this season was definitely so. Many started to doubt the team’s performance, when Justin Turner had to be pulled out from the game linings, due to testing positive for the COVID-19 virus. This all occurred mid game too, which was definitely a stressful experience for all the team and not just himself. However, they managed to recover in an amicable manner.

The Dodgers manager had said from the get-go, that this season of baseball would be ‘their year’. He even said it again amidst the post-game celebrations. He made it a very clear message to all the fans that had attended, in addition to stressing it via live broadcast hereafter. Turns out he was right many times before they actually won. This year is the Dodgers indeed.

We all know that the season was cut short and if anything, the pandemic made it much harder to score a great season average, the Dodgers had no problem on this part. Their winning percentage was actually the fifth highest within all of the 60 seasons in history. So, the Dodgers pretty much have not only made the history books for the MLB, but also given us impressive games despite the pandemic that threatened everything at the time and still is.

One thing we will say is, the moment that arrived from the sixth inning, was one that really did define Game 6 forever. Austin Barnes has allowed for an infield of 5 and a third of innings, meaning all the pitches that he was involved in were very much perfect from the get-go. Snell however was quite disappointed in the way he allowed for the nine strikeouts in the momentum of the game. Cash on the other hand did show great domination in his pitch plan for the line-up. Betts still followed through and used an at-bat to take it from there and ground a double down within the game.

One thing is for sure, the Dodgers managed to make magic this season and one can only imagine what is yet to come after this. Watch this space.

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