The NFL Going into Week 10

NFL Week 10 – All You Need to Know!

Week 10 of the NFL 2020 season is already here, and it looks set to be another exciting week.

Week 9 power rankings across various outlets had the Kansas City Chiefs and the Steelers vying for the top spot. The Steelers ended week 9 on an undefeated high, but the Carolina Panthers gave the Chiefs a run for their money. Tom Brady had a week he’ll want to forget in a hurry – the Tampa Bay Bucs got whipped by the New Orleans Saints on their home ground, a loss they undoubtedly didn’t see coming. The Saints are now ahead of the Bucs going into week 10. The Ravens are sitting pretty in the number 3 spot after their win against the Colts (24-10).


Week 10 highlights to look out for begins with an important divisional game on Thursday Night Football. The Indianapolis Colts go up against the Tennessee Titans on the Titans home ground. The Colts head to this game hoping to come back from their loss against the Ravens. The Titans currently hold the number 9 spot on the power rankings, while the Colts follow closely behind at number 13.

Early predictions favour the Colts to beat the Titans. You’ll find the sportsbooks at the various Interac casinos are likely to reflect that prediction in the odds they offer for the game. We advise shopping around for the best odds at Interac online casinos before placing your bets.


Sunday Night Football in week 10 will see the New England Patriots take on the Baltimore Ravens. The game takes place on the New England Patriots home ground, but that’s unlikely to give them an advantage here. Fans were hoping that Cam Newton would fill the gap left by Tom Brady’s move to Tampa, but an unfortunate run-in with COVID-19 has left Newton far from at his best. What should have been an exciting, evenly matched game is now looking heavily weighted in the Ravens favour. Bookies are predicting a run-away win for the Ravens, and we’d have to agree.

A more exciting game on Sunday will be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Caroline Panthers. Ranked at number 5 and number 16 respectively, the Buccaneers are the stronger team going in, but the Panthers won’t go down without a fight. Tom Brady seems to have recovered from his woeful week one loss to the Saints. Brady is back to his best, and this game is worth watching just to get a glimpse of a player who’s worth his weight in gold. The Panthers started the season looking strong, but things haven’t gone their way over the last few weeks. They’ll be hoping to get back on track, which is why this game should liven up the Sunday schedule.


Luckily, Monday night’s game is not so easy to call. This is the one to watch if you’re hoping for one of the games that have you on the edge of your seat. The Minnesota Vikings (currently ranked at 18) will go up against the Chicago Bears (currently ranked at 22). Bears fans have had a tough time of late, but this could be moment this team gets back on track. The Bears lost to the Saints in week 8, but the loss came in overtime and the Bears put up an admirable fight. The Minnesota Vikings are heading to this game on a high after 2 big wins – Dalvin Cook is a force to be reckoned with this season. The Vikings are likely to beat the Bears, but we think it will be a close call. If you’re a risk take, this could be the game to go with the under-dog.

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