An Interview with ATS Consultants


LAS VEGAS, NV (The Spread) - You’ve been there before. We all have. You’re driving around listening to your favorite sports radio hosts when all of a sudden the station goes to a commercial break and the voice coming through our car speakers is yelling.

“I’m red hot!” the voice screams while talking 100 miles per hour. “I have a guaranteed winner on tonight’s Monday Night Football game but you have to call RIGHT…THIS…SECOND! I have the lock of the century but it goes tonight so you must call, call, CALL!”

Do these so-called experts ever lose? How can every guy be “62-2” on Monday night’s over the past decade? The answer is they can’t.

If you’re looking for a different experience when it comes to using handicapping services, then try No yelling, no screaming, no fictional records or fabricated claims of greatness. They use a tried and true method to handicapping and they let their clients’ success back up what they sell.

In order to find out more about, we sat down recently with Keith Stewart, the site’s Operations Manager. In our discussion, we find out how ATS originally got started, what the secret is to their success, and what makes them different from other handicapping services.

The Spread: How and when did ATS originally start?

KS: The idea of originated in 1991, when Bob Chase, Jordan Runco and a handful of investors wanted to change the face of the industry by establishing a firm based on sports information. In other words, they wanted to appeal to bettors wary of the in-your-face tactics used by services, which often yelled and screamed while never really producing consistent results. In 1992, was established to cater to all level of bettors, while being ahead of the curve in terms of technology, manpower, and experience. They put together a group of like-minded consultants with diverse sports backgrounds who understood that stats and trends were not the best indicator to determine a winner. They also trained their account executives to be knowledgeable of the business and courteous to the customers. 

The Spread: You have been around a long time, what is the secret to your staying power in a business with such high turnover?

KS: The secret has been putting our clients on the right side of games 90% of the time, while continuing to run the business in a professional manner for nearly 25 years. We've had some clients who have been with us since the inception because we win consistently. It also helps that they've developed a strong rapport with our account executives. Money management is stressed by every account executive so each client can maximize his profit potential. When it's all said and done after each season, when using our money management system, those clients' portfolio will normally end up in the black.

The Spread: What makes ATS different from other handicapping services out there?

KS: Most firms advertise when they win, but do they ever lose? When we lose, we mention it on our website. Nobody can win every game or every week. We also stand by our selections and take care of our clients because once they join, they are part of the "ATS Family" and that's a special thing. They also receive special discounts and bonuses (like our ATS Weekly Blitz online newsletter) just for being in the "family". We give our clients options on how to receive their selections, whether it's by phone, email, online or texting. If they want football, basketball, baseball, horses, WNBA, World Cup, AFL, or CFL, offers several different programs in each sport.

The Spread: What is the one thing you think our readers should know about ATS?

KS: Our goal is to increase bankrolls, not deflate them. Unlike most, we care about our clients and want the best for everybody who enrolls. Our work ethic, combined with experience, technology and knowledge, gives us an edge over the sportsbooks as well as the rest of the competition.

The Spread: What exciting things does the future hold for ATS?

KS: We are always evolving as a company. Three years ago, we made significant changes to our infrastructure, added some new personnel and letting some others go. It wasn't a popular move at the time because we were winning, but it worked like a charm. Change can be good and in this industry, you need to adjust with the times. We are now three steps ahead of everybody in terms of technology, information, and knowledge. We can't wait for the future as we continue to add more personnel and will spend whatever it takes to remain the "leaders in sports information" and on the cutting edge of the sports betting industry. 

For more information, check out or give them a call at 1-800-772-1287. You can also visit their Twitter page @atsconsultantsFind out for yourself while they’re different and start building a winning portfolio today.


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