NFL Week 9 Bookie Betting Preview

NFL Week 9 Betting Preview & Predictions Straight From The Bookies

The NFL rolls into the second half of the regular season with some teams jockeying for playoff position and other teams just hoping to salvage something positive.

Top 4 NFL Week 9 Games for Bookies

Bookies will use pay per head software to manage action on every NFL game. They’ll pay special attention to the following 4 games.

New York Jets +3 at Miami Dolphins -3

Most feel that the Dolphins cover the spread. In fact, Miami’s one of the most hyped teams to back ATS in NFL Week 9.

Online bookies will have a different point of view.

They’ll look at the action on Miami and decide that the Dolphins are overplayed. Then, they’ll go the other way and not use their layoff accounts.

The real reason why is that Miami allows more rushing yards than any team in the NFL while the Jets average close to 114 yards per game on the ground.

Jets can win this straight up. So, bookies will set max betting limits on both moneylines.

Atlanta Falcons +1.5 at Washington Redskins -1.5

Atlanta and Washington projects to be one of the most competitive affairs in NFL Week 9.

Falcons don’t have much of a rushing attack, but all that means is that they’ll keep their RB in the backfield to protect QB Matt Ryan.

Washington’s had trouble moving the football. Even against a bad Atlanta defense they could have trouble moving the football.

No matter what, bookies will set max betting limits on both moneylines while also using their layoff accounts if one team is overplayed against the other.

L.A. Rams +2 at New Orleans Saints -2

After New Orleans handled Minnesota on the road, the spread went from Rams -1 to Saints -2. Los Angeles has had trouble with good quarterbacks in recent games.

They allowed Aaron Rodgers to throw for 286 yards and a TD. Rodgers completed 5-of-7 to Davante Adams for 133 yards.

Saints should win this, but pay per head agents won’t mess around. They’ll use their layoff accounts on any sportsbook liabilities.  

Green Bay Packers +5.5 at New England Patriots -5.5

Packers’ moneyline should get hotter heading into Green Bay’s battle with New England. The Patriots haven’t looked like the best team in the AFC in their last couple of games while

Green Bay had the Rams where they wanted them before a bad turnover ended their chances.

Max betting limits on Green Bay moneyline along with using the layoff account if either team’s over bet seems plausible. 

Understanding how bookies mitigate risk helps sports bettors understand where their money should go. Every week during the NFL Regular Season, we’ll review the top games bookies will be ready for.

Plus, how they’ll use their pay per head software and tools to increase their profits.

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