Betting Week 6 Preview From Bookies

NFL Betting: Week 6 Preview & Predictions Straight From The Bookies

Often, Week 6 is the turning point in the NFL. While oddsmakers use the first 5 weeks to get an idea of what teams cover the spread which teams play over or under games, Week 6 turns the switch to parity.

Parity means your bookie uses all their pay per head software to manage NFL betting.

4 Action Driving Matchups For NFL Betting

Check out previews and predictions for 4 NFL games and how your bookie will manage action on all 4 games.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals -2.5

The one trend most NFL handicappers have decided is important is Steelers are 16-4-2 ATS in the last 22 meetings in Cincinnati. Both teams head into this rivalry matchup off fantastic Week 5 performances.

The Steeler put together a complete game in their 41-17 win over Atlanta. Cincinnati showed they can make it back-to-back after beating Miami 27-17. Whoever wins this makes a statement in a deep AFC North Division.

Bookies won’t care. They’ll use their layoff accounts no matter which team becomes over played ATS. All bookies will also set max betting limits on Pittsburgh’s moneyline.

L.A. Rams -3 at Denver Broncos +7

Close to 65% favor the Rams at -7. You’d think that number might be higher because Denver lost straight up to the New York Jets in Week 5. It’s not because the Rams had to rally to not only beat the Seattle Seahawks, but to also cover the spread.

Another reason why some bettors favor Denver is that neither squad has the edge based on trends. Denver can rush the football while the Rams’ defense has become awful against the rush.

There’s a chance Denver wins this game straight up.

Bookies will use the Line Mover, offered through PayPerHead’s Prime Package, to change the line at least a half point, set max betting limits on the Broncos’ moneyline, and use their layoff account if either team’s over bet.

Jacksonville Jaguars -3 at Dallas Cowboys

Based on the action, Jaguars at Cowboys is the closest thing to an NFL Week 6 lock. Close to 70% favor the Jaguars. That makes sense because Dallas’ offense is bad while Jacksonville lost to Kansas City after Blake Bortles threw 4 interceptions.

The Jaguars should roll in this game. Online bookies most definitely will use their layoff accounts.

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots -3.5

Most NFL handicappers believe the Chiefs cover the spread. The Patriots always have their backers, though, which is why most bookies will use their per head software to set max betting limits on the Pats to win straight up.

One bet bookies might not use their layoff accounts is on the total. The total went from 57.5 to 59.5 in the matter of a couple of hours after odds makers set the line.

The Patriots almost assuredly will want to slow down the game.

This could be an opportunity for bookies to make big profit. 

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