NFL Week 5 Betting Preview

NFL Week 5 Betting Preview & Predictions Straight From The Bookies

Before getting into NFL Week 5, check out bookie insights on 4 of the biggest games. By understanding what bookies think, sports bettors can make more informed betting decisions.

Pro-handicappers looking for more out of sports betting can also start to understand the mind of an online bookie. This way, they can make a step in the right direction by starting their own sportsbook business.

Like every week in the NFL, at least 4 matchups require per head management.

Check out those 4 games!

Baltimore Ravens -3 at Cleveland Browns

67% to 70% of NFL handicappers so far favor the Ravens to rough up Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns. Most bookmakers will use their layoff accounts.

By using their layoff accounts, bookies can ensure they lay off risk on the Ravens.

Some bookies will go ahead and allow money to ride on the Ravens, hoping that Cleveland comes through with an ATS win.

Baltimore’s played well, but Cleveland’s a much better team this season from last season. The Browns could upset Baltimore on the money line.

Tennessee Titans -3.5 at Buffalo Bills

With only a few days before kickoff, almost every NFL handicapper favors the Titans. Tennessee enters this game after beating Philadelphia at home in overtime. That was a massive victory.

The Titans could bounce with a bad effort versus a Bills squad that’s already beaten a top team in the Minnesota Vikings.

Risk-averse online bookies will use their layoff accounts.   averse bookies might allow money on Tennessee to ride.

Bills, like the Browns, could upset their favored opponent on Sunday.

Oakland Raiders +5.5 at L.A. Chargers +5.5

Right now, bettors are evenly split on Raiders at Chargers. 50% back the Raiders. 50% back the Chargers. Most bookies might watch to see if they get even dollars on both sides of the spread. One thing all will do is use their player management tools to set max betting limits on the Raiders to beat the Bolts straight up.

Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans -3

Cowboys at Texans should be a rollicking affair this Sunday night. As many Dallas fans as Houston fans will show up to this one.

A bit more than 50% favor the Texans to cover the spread. That could change before kickoff.

Bookies will manage betting on Cowboys at Texans the same way they managed betting on Raiders at Chargers. They’ll set max money line betting limits on the Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans.

A Few More NFL Week 5 Tips

Bookies will use their layoff accounts on: Miami at Cincinnati, NYG at Carolina, Green Bay at Detroit, Denver at NY Jets, Jacksonville at Kansas City, L.A. Rams at Seattle, and Washington at New Orleans.

Bookies will set max money line betting limits on the dogs in: Atlanta at Pittsburgh, Minnesota at Philadelphia  

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