New Games for Consoles and Devices

The Greatest New Games for Different Devices and Consoles

Since gaming was first introduced into the 1970s landscape, becoming increasingly popular during the 80s with the nostalgia-inducing Atari, Sega, and Nintendo offerings all coming to the fore, the world of gaming has come on in leaps and bounds.

Although there was a little competition between the biggest brands in the 80s and early 90s, each had its own unique style of games, making it easy for the average gamer to choose the device that was right for them. These days, it’s almost a minefield (and an expensive one at that) trying to find the best console with the best games, with a range of factors needing to be taken into account – including online capabilities, graphics, resolution, and framerates each varying, depending on the device you choose.

Whilst most games are now multi-platform, with very few being made exclusively for a particular console or device, the difference in capability between the choices means it’s still difficult to choose which one is for you.

To help you identify where best to spend your money, we’ve rounded up the finest games that are available on each of the main consoles – including smartphones – from the most anticipated up-and-coming console exclusives to third-party blockbusters.    


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Translating the runaway success of a console game onto a mobile platform is difficult for many of the big gaming companies, but it seems that, with Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo have succeeded in both pleasing their loyal fans and enticing new fans to their games. Whilst it does feature some in-game transactions – including the purchasing of new playable characters – the vast majority of the game is free-to-play, meaning that you can enjoy all the fun and excitement of the original game but on your mobile! Best of all, you can utilise the online multiplayer mode to play – and beat – your mates!

Nintendo Switch

Perhaps one of the most famous and popular of the Nintendo franchises, many fans are beyond excited for the new up-and-coming Legend of Zelda game – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.

Remaining a firm favourite amongst Switch gamers, the game was initially teased at E3 2019 but then information became scarce. As a result, we know very little about the narrative driving the game, but you can expect the same magical depictions of Hyrule that the franchise is known for, alongside the return of the eponymous Zelda and Master Sword-wielding Link, who will no doubt have a powerful foe to vanquish throughout the game. Definitely something for Nintendo fans to look forward to!

PlayStation 5

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is a game that has been exclusively designed for the PS5 with the aim of demonstrating its SSD prowess. High-resolution CGI and adrenaline-pumping gameplay accompanies exciting exploration through rifts into brand new worlds that are incredibly detailed and fast-loading. Sure to be another hit for the Sony execs, many fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival on the console so they can join their favourite characters, Rachet and Clank, on exhilarating journeys that will befuddle the mind and ensnare the senses.

One of the most successful PlayStation franchises of all time, Gran Turismo 7 brings together all of the components that fans love whilst updating elements such as the graphics to make sure it stands up against other offerings available. The racing simulator features realistic-looking cars and thrilling tracks to race on, offering players the opportunity to speed around in cars they could probably never afford in real life, whilst also remaining one of the most realistic depictions of track-racing on offer in the console world.

Xbox Series X/S

Far Cry 6, set in the fictional territory located within the Caribbean, treads familiar ground as its predecessors, requiring you to overturn the rule of a dictator in the role of a freedom fighter. Once again, the graphical capabilities of the game look set to be stunning, aiding the open world action and fighting, whilst retaining all elements that have made it such a hit amongst gaming fans.

Another giant amongst gaming franchises, Halo Infinite, looks set to be a successful exclusive for Microsoft. Despite its initial showcasing proving a disappointment to fans and a delay to its release, it remains one of the most anticipated releases of the year for Halo stalwarts. Set to release around the time of the franchise’s 25th(!) anniversary, Master Chief will embark on a new adventure full of intense gameplay – in the form of solo campaigns, battle royales, and multiplayer modes – that will excite fans. Developers have worked hard to improve the visuals of the game to ensure that it lives up to its full potential amongst fans and be worthy of the success of its predecessors.

PC Gaming

A form of gaming deemed the most skill-based amongst die-hard gamers, PC games have a lot to live up to these days – particularly if they want to continue being a legitimate rival in the war of the consoles. As Sony and Microsoft work to develop their cloud gaming capabilities and achieve the same graphical, framerate and high-resolution gaming available on PC – and succeeding in their endeavour to close the gap between them – the world of PC gaming has got to pull out some outstanding games to compete.

Arkane Studios have put forth their PS5 and PC exclusive, Deathloop, as a contender. The game revolves around two duelling assassins on an island, called Blackreef, that’s stuck in a never-ending time loop. With both assassins having aims that are in opposition to one another, you can expect exciting gameplay that incorporates action and magic, whilst also allowing for an optional multiplayer functionality in the campaign mode.

So, whichever console or device you favour when you play, you’re sure to find an excellent game that you can play either alone or with mates. Success all-round, then?


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