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The NFL Betting Lines for this weekend's games can be found by clicking this link. Free football NFL picks against the NFL lines along with writeups can be found on our Spread Experts Section where are football experts provide analysis to help you beat the NFL betting line. Our NFL football lines are continually updated with all the betting lines for football provided by the top offshore sportsbooks endorsed by

NFL football betting is king in the world of sports gambling. Understanding the value of getting the best NFL football betting line possible when you place your wager is very important if you plan on making money this NFL football season. If you shop for the best line on all your bets in the NFL, the 1/2 point you find could be the difference in a loss or a push or even a push to a winner.

 Just by monitoring our NFL betting lines you can see the differences in numbers at the various sportsbook that we endorse. Remember, getting the best NFL betting line is just as important as the time you put into making the actual selection!

One thing to watch out for when betting the NFL are  "Key Numbers".  Even the most novice gambler will tell you that 3 is the most common difference between a winner and loser in betting football. Right after 3 is 7, followed by 4,6,10 and than 1. The obvious reason of 3 is the last second field goal in the NFL or when a team is in overtime and are in the red zone they are more likely to play for the field goal and not risk a turnover. Once pro football allowed the two-point conversion, the number 1 has grown in importance when betting the NFL line.

When betting the NFL line in regards to totals, they key number is 37. Football history dictates that more totals have landed on this number than any other. The extra time you put into trying to find the best NFL betting line when playing your totals can put some extra cash into your pocket this football season. Always make sure to check out our free NFL picks to help beat the NFL betting line this weekend.

Our final advice is to always gauge your selections by checking out the NFL Betting line offered by Pinnacle Sportsbook. Pinnacle is considered the sharpest sportsbook in the world and tend to base their movements of the NFL betting lines on sharp action (or wiseguys) rather than what the public is betting. So make sure to have multiple outs this football season so you have multiple NFL betting lines to monitor and bet.

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