Five Rules of Cricket Fans Don't Know

5 Interesting Rules of Cricket that Fans Don’t Know

Modern cricket originated from a game that had impressed British people back in the 16th century. Today it is officially listed in the England national sports. The island state in the past had a significant impact on its colonies development and lifestyle, so cricket was also popular in the former UK-dependent countries: Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, India, and others.

Cricket seems like a fairly simple game, however, it has a lot of subtleties and nuances you can find out about if you listen to cricket dedicated podcast. Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football; it has 2.5 billion fans around the world. Besides Britain, cricket is also popular in Australia and South Asia.

Cricket: the Origins of the Popular Game

The British people are great inventors when it comes to games. Bridge, football, puzzles, rugby, horse polo, cricket have impressed millions of people in different countries of the globe. Regarding cricket, Britons invented it in the 13th century considering it just a summer form of leisureactivity.

The word “cricket” first appeared in English documents. Linguists suggest that the name came from the word “cric” — the so-called shepherd’s stick which locked the pasture gates. Probably, shepherds entertained by playing the ball with the help of this stick bent at the end while watching over the flock.

The first registered county cricket championship was held in 1719. There were no limitations for the bat which was very little like the modern one. The oldest cricket competitions called the Ashes are traditional England and Australia meetings. The history of these competitions dated back to 1882, when Australian cricketers defeated the British ones.

The game takes place between two 11-member teams. The goal of the game is to earn more points (runs) than the opposing team. A match consists of one or more parts, each of which is called innings. In each inning, one team beats, and the other pitches once. Cricket is usually played on the grass. The field is an oval pitch with a 22 yards (20.12 meters) long strip in its center.

How to Win — What the Fans Don’t Know

Beginner’s luck is not the right expression for cricket. The more knowledge a person has about the game, the higher the probability of winning.

  • Any detail can affect the outcome of a cricket match, so don’t miss any information about the teams, lineups, main players, field and weather on the eve of the game. If you have come across conflicting information about the game, don’t bet this time.
  • Particular attention should be paid to where the competition is held. The home team usually has an advantage. The climate and region are of great importance. Such a way, if the Pakistan national team is visiting India, fans can expect good results from it, while it will be difficult for the team to adapt and show the maximum results in England.
  • As already mentioned, the weather affects some bets outcome. This primarily concerns predictions for totals. On a foggy and cloudy day, the performance will be much lower, while the cricketers will be able to play to the limit of their abilities in calm sunny weather. Matches with limited-overs, such as the world championships are usually called off due to the weather.
  • Cricket betting has recently become very popular with major global sports bookmaker networks. Bookmakers offer all kinds of bets on the main cricket events, such as the World Cup or Ashes, English cricket or the Australian Pura Cup, as well as local small events. If you are serious about making money on cricket, it makes sense to go to one of the official betting offices operating under a license to provide tote services. There you will find adequate odds and lines for any tournaments. But the main thing is your deposits guarantee, fair decisions, and trouble-free winnings withdrawals.
  • Professionals prefer betting on cricket in live mode. The game is aired for a long time and doesn’t require betters to make fast solutions. There is an opportunity to think, see and make predictions based on your personal impressions.

Too complicated rules repel most betting enthusiasts, but those ready to get insight into all the cricket details can make good money on exotic sports.

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