Presidential Debate Odds

Presidential Election Debate Odds: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump 9/26/16

The first Presidential Debate is set to take place Monday night between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Here is a look at some of the prop odds for this anticipated event.

When it comes to what the Republican nominee will say, most center around his nickname for Hillary. Oddsmakers say that the odds Trump calls Clinton, “Crooked Hillary” are at -155, while the odds he calls Hillary “a liar” at -300. Trump’s biggest attack at Clinton has been about her e-mail scandal and the issues with the Clinton Foundation. Once he took over as leader of the Republican nomination, he has often been spouting the term “Crooked Hillary.” He is almost certain to spout it out to win over his side, which is very angry with Clinton. Trump also has odds of -180 to mention Bill Clinton in the debate and odds of -350 to say “Build the wall.” The wall has been one of his biggest selling points throughout his campaign, so it is hard to imagine Trump not mentioning it tonight.

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For Clinton, the question is will she play Trump’s game and get into name calling, or will she try to remain poised and diplomatic. Oddsmakers have listed the likelihood of her calling Trump a “bigot” at -230. The odds of her using the term “deplorable” at +150. Clinton called half of Trump’s followers as “deplorables” at a campaign a few weeks back, but that seemed to ignite the Trump campaign, so look for Clinton to stay away from that. She could call Trump a bigot when it comes to his plans to ban Muslin refugees or build the wall on the Mexican border. Clinton has odds of +170 to mention Melania Trump, but I don’t see that happening unless she really loses her cool.

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