Review of Best Betting Sites in America

NFL Season Starts - Review of All the Best Betting Sites in America

The 102nd season of the National Football League is now underway.

It began on September 9, 2021, and will end on January 9, 2022.

The playoffs are scheduled to begin on January 15, with Super Bowl LVI happening at the SoFi Stadium in California on February 13. This year’s NFL is the first to feature a 17-game regular season.

With the 2021 NFL upon us, many fans will be wanting to place bets on things like whether the defending champions Tampa Bay can retain the title.

The NFL and Super Bowl generate billions of dollars in wagers every year, which means there are several betting sites you can place bets with. However, before you do so, you need to ensure the sportsbook is reputable, safe, and offers a range of betting options with good payout rates. So, here are the best of the best for betting on the NFL.

The Top Betting Sites in America

There are four betting sites in the United States that are hands-down the best for NFL and sports betting. Each one is legally licensed to state requirements. You can look at those four best legal American sportsbooks in detail here.

The list, compiled by BestBettingSites, was created after completing in-depth research and studies to find out which American betting sites are the best in the country. Therefore, you can be sure the four listed are undoubtedly the greatest sportsbooks in the United States for NFL and other sports. So, without further ado, the best betting sites in America are:

1.    BetMGM.

2.    888sports.

3.    Sugar House.

4.    Borgata.

Payout Rates

While things like the betting sites’ reputability, customer service, and ease-of-use were all taken into account when determining the best ones, the thing you’ll want to know about most is the odds that the sites offer. From a bettor’s point of view, the betting odds are often one of the key differentiating factors in choosing which betting site to go with.

Each site will have its own commissions and margins that affect the payout rates. The best sportsbooks stay around a payout rate of more than 90%. But, as is the nature of betting, odds will fluctuate continually. According to BestBettingSites, the average payout rates for the top four betting sites in America are as follows:

·       BetMGM: 94.09%

·       888sports: 94.23%

·       Sugar House: 94.83%

·       Borgata: 94.09%

So, if you’re looking for the best betting site based on average payout rates alone, Sugar House is actually your best choice, followed by 888sports.

Bear in mind the payout rates will also differ from sport to sport, and there aren’t any stats for average NFL bet payouts, but the above percentages can still give you a good rough idea of what NFL bet payouts are likely to be.

A Good Tip for Using the Best Betting Sites

Now you know which betting sites are the best, and which have the best payout rates, you can be shrewd in how you place bets.

In addition to choosing the best type of bet to place, you have the option of switching between the above betting sites to find the best premium payout rate for the particular bet you want to make. So, use all of the best betting sites at different times for different NFL bets if you want to gain an advantage in payout rates.

Bet Types

You also need to know about different types of bets and which are the best to place on NFL games. Here are some of the most popular bet types you can choose from at BetMGM, 888sports, Sugar House, and Borgata.

Money Line 3-Way

This is one of the most common bet types in NFL betting. You simply choose which team will win, or whether the game will result in a draw. If you’re new to NFL betting, using the Money Line 3-Way option is a good choice to start with.


Betting on the number of touchdowns made in a game is also a popular bet. By studying team forms and the defensive resistance of the two teams, you can better assess how many touchdowns are likely.

Points Total

As the name suggests, a points total bet involves wagering on the number of points scored in a game. You can usually bet on several thresholds with varying degrees of payout rates.

Quarter Betting

With quarter betting, you wager on the score for each quarter or which team will be winning at the end of each quarter. This is a more unorthodox bet type, but it can be a profitable NFL wagering option.

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