Steps to Start Per Head Business

3-Steps For Pro-NFL Handicappers To Start A Per Head Business

Pro-NFL handicappers make great online bookie agents because they understand exactly what NFL bettors look for.

They can manage their online sportsbooks better than non-NFL pro bettors. If you’re an NFL bettor looking to make your mark as a pay per head agent, keep reading.

3-Steps to Transition From Pro Bettor to PPH Business Owner

Here are the 3-steps any Pro-NFL bettor can take to become a pay per head agent.

Step #1: Sign-up With a Great Per Head Company

Your first step should be to sign-up with a great pay per head company. Per head organizations like offer agents tools they need for success.

Not only that, but per head companies like PayPerHead also offer agent benefits that translate to player benefits.

One such benefit, PayPerHead’s agent payment system, allows for cryptocurrency deposits, payouts, and collections. That’s a huge benefit to both you, the agent, and players.

Every player benefits from quicker payouts and the agent payment system allows for quicker payouts.

Step #2: Recruit Players

Recruiting your pro-NFL handicapping friends to make bets through your sportsbook is the next step.

You’ve got other pro-NFL handicapping friends, right? Once you sign up with a company like PayPerHead, you should immediately recruit your friends to start playing through your sportsbook.

Just let them know about your sportsbook and give them an incentive to switch to you. Create an incentive that would make you consider switching sportsbooks.

Step #3:  Use Your Handicapping Skills

Since you’re a pro-NFL handicapper you understand how NFL bettors think. Knowing what bettors think separates you from your peers.

You can make more informed decisions because your decisions come from your gut.

One of the best tools available to you if you sign up with a company like PayPerHead is the layoff account.

The layoff account allows you to lay off money wagered on a single side of a spread. By doing so, you cut your risk.

As a pro-NFL handicapper, you’ll know when to use your layoff account. Almost as important, you will know when not to use your layoff account.

If you don’t use your layoff account, and the game goes the opposite way of where the money landed, you can make big profit.

Use your pro-NFL handicapper skills to make informed decisions like when to use the layoff account, when to change betting lines, and when to set max betting limits. 

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