UFC Best Recent Fights

UFC Best Recent Fights

Every fan of fights, boxing, MMA, and more has a special connection when it comes to the UFC. This is the most prestigious competition in the world when it comes to gathering the top fighters globally and putting them in the octagon to test their skills.

Fans are always eager to watch the new UFC events and see the next fighters who are ready to battle for the belt in their respected division. Often, the events put on quite a spectacle, one that leaves the viewers in awe. That is exactly what this article is about. Although there were many legendary fights throughout UFC history, we will only cover the most recent ones. These fights changed the way the world looks at UFC and the fighting arts.

One thing that always pumped up the fights were the bets. Since these fights are unpredictable (which is obvious since you got the best fighters competing for a belt), the online bookies are always handing the best odds and give everyone a nice chance of winning. Aside from watching the sport for the fun of it, people are always eager to bet on them.

When we talk about exciting fights, like the ones mentioned below, there are tons of promotions and free bets given by the bookies as a way to motivate the fans to try their luck. UFC odds are always great and tempting to bet on, without any doubt. With some knowledge of the sport, everyone can come out as a big winner.

And it is really understandable. Fans cheer for their favorite of the night and grab the opportunity to make some money out of it. It is really a win-win situation. The fights that we are about to mention saw many people get rich because they predicted the winner and won handsomely.

Most of these fights were during the recent UFC events. They definitely left their mark in the championship’s history, and they will be remembered as some of the best and most notable fights. Many rounds, split decisions, handsome submissions, and much more were notable for them. Let’s take a look at these moments and analyze them a bit.

Daniel Cornier – Stipe Miocic 2

There were many predictions as to who will be the winner at the rematch between Cornier and Miocic. The rematch had great potential and everyone was looking forward to watching these two heavyweights clash for the belt. The fight saw Miocic as the winner at UFC 241, and he was even rewarded with the Performance of the Night bonus award.

Connor McGregor – Nate Diaz 1 and 2

The event that made Connor the “Champ, Champ”. After losing the first fight by submission, Connor returned to the octagon for a rematch against the Mexican warrior. The fight was a true spectacle and exceeded everyone’s expectations. Connor won the rematch, claimed the belt and became the first fighter to hold 2 belts simultaneously in 2 different divisions.

Israel Adesanya - Anderson Silva

This fight was legendary because everyone wanted to see Anderson “The Spider” Silva return to the octagon. The event took place at UFC 234 on Sunday, February 10, 2019. After a long, tough fight, Israel won the battle by a decision. Nevertheless, it was great to see the Brazilian show his skills once more

Connor McGregor – Khabib Nurmagomedov

This fight was labeled as one of the most anticipated fights in recent history, after the 2 matches, Connor had with Nate Diaz. The two warriors were going back-and-forth at each other for a long time before the actual fight ever happened. Finally, on October 7, 2018, the two giants clashed at UFC 229. Khabib won the fight with a rear-end choke and remained the undefeated champion in the division.


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